Deadlock when picking up and swapping weapons

Xbox 0.7

Have seen 2-3 times now a situation where if you pick up a weapon and swap it with a current weapon, controls then become 'stuck' in terms of scrapping doesn't work etc.

To get out of it I've typically gone back to Xbox home, where it shows PC controls (bug thread created on that previously), back into the game (where it shows normal) and then the controls seem to unlock

From memory it has always been with enhanced weapons, but not to say it has to be only that

I may have seen it on older versions but suspected it was related to the equipment screen lockup issue so I didn't bother raising it individually, but now as 0.7 lists that fixed, raising it


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Interesting, thanks for the report. From your memory, was it when trying to pick up an enhanced weapon or did you want to swap an enhanced weapon you had installed for something else (if it matters at all...)
  • DarthFlatWhiteDarthFlatWhite Member Posts: 32
    I believe the issue happened when had swapped in the Enhanced weapon and then was trying to scrap the old one, but not 100%. If I see it again I'll post back.
  • DarthFlatWhiteDarthFlatWhite Member Posts: 32
    edited May 2017
    Saw it again today. The issue happened when trying to swap an item I had with one in space. I did have an enhanced weapon but it wasn't what I was trying to swap to/from.

    Hitting the home button to bring up the menu and showing PC controls then going back restored control again.
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