Dark Screens

Hi All,

I'm playing on both a games PC on high resolution graphics AND on an older laptop on low resolution (still an i5 core but with an "on board" graphics card. I'm finding the backgrounds and objects very dark on the laptop and, in some areas, just too dark to be able to distinguish anything much at all. On the desktop with a medium to high performance nVidia board and a better processor these areas are all clear enough to find my way about. So, on the laptop, I am buzzing about dodging Outlaws and Okkars and continually bumping into things I can't see. It makes the tunneled asteroids difficult and the old ship wrecks and puzzles impossible.

Will there be any gamma correction in a later release? Or, can I have some headlamps, please?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,066Moderator
    Currently there are no plans for gamma correction from within the game. There actually is a headlight - you shoud notice it clearly when e.g. standing right in front of an asteroid.

    I'm wondering if this is not all related to your onboard graphics card? Maybe it's related to the "low setting" - Is it also too dark when running in "epic" setting on your laptop?
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