What if sensor perks gave different kind of information?

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As it is i don't find choosing where to go each jump that interesting. The information we get is very vague and don't give the feel it matter much what path we pick. Yeah, how dangerous an area is can matter (anomalies and threat level), where traders and repair stations are too. Sometimes we have missions or wreaks to look for. But beyond that, there is not much to consider. Now, what if it gave us more informations?


-The presence of Derelicts
-The presence of Pirate bases or outposts.
-How strong the Pirate presence.
-How strong is the Okkar presence.
-How strong is the G&B presence.
-Mineral resources abundance.
-How much wreckages (with potential loot) there is.
-Type of anomaly.
-How contested an area is (ie is there fighting between factions there)

Knowing all this could make it more interesting to plot the path we will take in each sectors and give us a sense there is a meaning in the choice.


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    I completely agree with all of your points and even had an extensive post about it last December, though as a redesign of the Scanning Probes instead of new layers of Perks:

    ...the Scanning Probe could reveal specific types of environmental hazards or reveal what kind of resource points will generate in the next possible areas.


    This could also identify significant G&B, Outlaw or Okkar presence, helping a player decide if they want to risk G&B reporting the attack or not, or risk meeting an Okkar Frigate.

    And last we heard from the developers:

    We'll probably be adding more information regarding resources and/or asteroid type to the map. But it's not really decided, yet, and also not how exactly it would work (consumable, perk, glyph, etc.)

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    Oh yes I definately get caught off guard sometimes with that sun blast hazzard.. :)
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