2 days in and one long game later

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Pretty good for an alpha. The visuals are great and the controls (graded for early state, they need more options) are pretty good.
general thoughts

  1. Stable, has not crashed one
  2. combat is a little too hard, it seems at times that the enemies cant miss and more than 3 real (as in non drones) is going to be a slug.
  3. tone down the (early) outlaw missile turrets, I think I had 6 in one little area of a starting map once...
  4. As others have said, tracking what and where things are is way too difficult, if I'm in a furball with 2-3 enemies they need to stand out from the dozen or so non-hostile objects
  5. people have brought up power, its definitely odd that the booster is tied to the same power pool, but you learn to deal with it
  6. the tech tree needs to be less of a mystery, what do I have to do to unlock lets say the starting equipment row should be clear
  7. also some of the items (such as getting a third weapon) in the tech tree dont work like the rest of them, most you upgrade and there is your extra stuff, that one you have to upgrade 3-5 times before getting a third slot.
  8. its not clear that you can eventually carry over cash from run to run, and really, that shouldn't be an upgrade it should just carry over (at least at a very very high percentage), with the game being somewhat random not every run is going to be a bankable one once you get to needing several $k per upgrade
  9. My longest run came to an end when I flew off the map (while fittingly enough chasing dark matter..the screen goes dark before you die) that needs to have more warning or just not happen (again in my case I was flying at a game object that was out of bounds)
  10. only other good bug I hit was a jump point (the normal ones not the gate) that didnt work..and I got fried by the interceptors.
  11. windup time on the charged weapons is a little too long for their effectiveness.
  12. missiles in general might be a little too effective


  • RichTeaRichTea Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 15
    I agree, particularly with the tracking locations of things. The number of times I've seen it mentioned I'm sure it's going to get attention from ROCKFISH, if it hadn't already been on their TODO list that is.

    Yeah some of the perks you can make down payments on, but it can be a little unsatisfying spending credits and not getting anything for it. I haven't gotten far enough to carry over credits between runs I think, but if that's the case it would make things simpler if unspent credits always banked, and perks were never bought in installments. Naturally like you say you lose a percentage of your banked credits. Having said that this would mean it might be 'too easy' to get expensive perks earlier, if we care about that?

    I actually quite like power being pooled conceptually. It makes sense to me your ship might be faster and hit lighter, or slower and hit heavier, and you can 'redirect power to' speed or weapons or what not. Of course in game I want to go fast AND shoot lots, but that's where energy pool perks come in I guess.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Thanks for your feedback.
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