Suggestion for a new mode

TriangleleafTriangleleaf Posts: 2Member
I have an idea for an arena mode within the game.

Something along the lines of spawning in an area you stay in for the rest of the game where you fight never-ending waves of Outlaws/Okkar. So, its just purely Everspace combat against increasing odds until death. I enjoy the combat aspect of Everspace the most so this is the kind of thing i'd continue playing for.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    If time allowed, I could get behind this idea!

    To expand it further, there could be defined waves, and at certain intervals there could be 3 or 4 G&B Freighters warp in without escorts to give the player resources and nanobots.

    There could potentially be "boss battles" as well, where an Okkar Frigate would warp in alongside several Okkar Corvettes, or even a Colonial Warship that has to be taken down.
  • TriangleleafTriangleleaf Posts: 2Member
    It could be as far as a sandbox mode where you choose the weapons and what you fight.

    Or it could be 50 waves with a hall of fame to enter when you complete them with gold medal for 50 done, silver for 40 and bronze for 25 as interceptor with loadout A, or whatever.

    Enemies could drop weapons/resources to use or it could be purely using the items you start with.

    I like the idea of boss battle, perhaps with dogfights against ships like Dafoe, as well as against the bigger ships
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    It all sounds really exciting! Though that might be a tall order at this phase in development...either way, I'm really looking forward to Hardcore mode!
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