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Hello Everspace Community and Rockfish Games,

With another update around the corner, it seems a fitting time to breakdown aspects of the current version (v0.4). This thread is all about the incredible Enhancements: Which ones work well, what can be exploited, and where some love could be given.

If you are not familiar with the Enhancements of v0.4 and what they do, here is a list:

One of the greatest things Enhancements do in Everspace is that they incentivize the player to explore different ways to play. This feature, in and of itself, is remarkably fun. Additionally, the boon becomes more valuable not just because of it's bonus, but because you must overcome the challenge tied to it. This adds tremendous replayability beyond the standard progression that the Perks provide.

While this new mechanic was beautifully integrated into Everspace's core functionalities, there are some items that need addressed, so let's first talk about an exploit and a bug.


Beeline is not working as intended; hostiles cannot lock on to you, but you can still lock on to them with missiles. Additionally, Hull Restore replinishes 5% of your remaining hull to any missing hullpoints, not 5% of your maximum hull. This means if you have 100 hullpoints out of 660, you only gain 5 hullpoints after the jump, NOT 33.

Both of these are known by the developers and will likely be fixed in the coming v0.5 update. So let's move on!


Stealth Attack. Holy cow, this Enhancement is insane. With a fully upgraded Scout, the ship's hull is at 420. In other words, you gain the ability to attack at will being nearly invincible for a mere 3.5% of your health pool (15). A fully Perked out pilot can use 1 Nanobot to repair 45 hull. That's THREE uses of this Enhancement for 1 Nanobot. The only downside of this is that the Scout is the only ship that can utilize it.

Infinite Drift. Not having to worry about energy for boosting is a HUGE advantage. With less inertia dampening, it's really not a problem to just spin the ship around and boost the other way, as well. After all, it costs 0 energy. This makes it easy to explore and excavate the entire area every time. In actuality, there isn't a negative to using this one.

Collision Damage. 50% collision reduction at NO DISADVANTAGE. Excellent choice for Hard mode Gunships, or Hard mode in general.


Beeline. When it inevitably works. Will also have synergizing capabilities with Artisan, if you want to go that route.

Sensory Overload. Even on Hard mode, the player still has over 2 full minutes to explore the entire area [in earlier Sectors] and excavate all it's belongings. It might not seem like much at first, but saving all those resources instead of crafting Scanning Probe after Scanning Probe really adds up.

Daredevil. Risky for those still getting acclimated with the game but very powerful for those skilled in the arts of evasion, this Enhancement changes you into a glass cannon. Not to mention, you gain an extra Device slot because you can't use a Shield.

Devastator. It makes sense for the Gunship to pack a punch, and this Enhancement is the epitome of devastation. With the higher energy recharge Perks given to the Gunship in v0.4, this is a must-have when flying the spacetank as it suffers very little recourse for it's selection...so long as you're accurate.

Artisan. Power Weaponry without access to Secondaries is a nice tradeoff. But it's a tradeoff. You might have to get creative, like an artisan. *slaps knee*

Propulsion. Trade boost efficiency for speed. Pairs ridiculously well with Infinite Drift, but we'll probably see that change soon.


Health Bonus
Armor Bonus
Energy Bonus
Regeneration Bonus
Damage Bonus
Hull Restore (currently bugged)

Let's talk about these for a moment.

5% is not a lot. When you look at the Scout's Stealth Attack sacrifice, it's at a mere 3.5% of it's health, not even 5%. When you look at the other static Enhancement, Collision Damage, and see it's reduction of 50% without a disadvantage, 5% (10 times less) is overshadowed.

Health Bonus additions (at max Perks) for the Interceptor (660 + 33 = 693), the Scout (420 + 21 = 441) and the Gunship (1300 + 65 = 1365) are so small that a single Nanobot (1 Nanobot = 45) covers the added health of the Interceptor and the Scout's TWICE OVER, while the Gunship gets the most use with the addition of armor...but still, it's a very small amount.

5%, without any side-effects, isn't enough as a stand-alone bonus to take the place of any powerful enhancements above (or even balanced enhancements) paired with an alteration to your playstyle.

The only way I see any of these Enhancements being remotely decent is if used in conjunction with one another. Energy Bonus + Regeneration Bonus isn't terrible, but it's still very minor. Health Bonus + Armor Bonus could maybe make them worth your while for the Gunship. But overall, they might be a little unfortunate for you to unlock after putting yourself through -BEEP- to get them (Colonial derelict stations can show no mercy, sometimes).


The Enhancements that make a player think outside the box are phenomenal. In a way, the disadvantages created become something of an advantage in teaching the player new tricks.

I think the static Enhancements could all be buffed up a little bit. 10% without a negative might be a tad too much, but I think they could be even greater with disadvantages associated with each one for a little more. This would give them more weight when you're deciding between them. For instance, the Armor Bonus could become Pinball Armor: Gain +15% armor, but all physics-based explosions/collisions/interactions affect the player's ship twice over. This means you'd be thrown twice as far from an Okkar Corvette's explosion, or tossed around a bit more if you accidentally get hit by a mine.

The Stealth Attack should require a greater sacrifice and should be percentage-based from the TOTAL hullpoints. Instead of it being 15, it could be 6% every use. This would also make the Enhancement on equal ground with an early, unPerked Scout versus a late-game upgraded Scout.

I'd love to see the Regeneration Bonus reworked into something like "grants 25% energy regeneration bonus, but reduces energy capacity by 40%." This kind of decision-making for the player issues in strategic thinking.

Hull Restore could be boosted to a flat 10% recovery of your total hull, and I think I'd still avoid using it. I'd find it much more interesting if it restored 15% of your total hull every jump, but reduced your total hull by 15% as well.

Finally, Collision Damage should probably have some kind of negative trait associated with it. It's a powerful static bonus to have in a game with lots of things to run into.

And that wraps it up for Enhancements! Did I miss any details to ones that you love? Are there any comments above that you disagree with? Are there any specific changes you'd like to see? Comment below and let's have a discussion!

Thank you for your time,



  • ForavenForaven Member Posts: 121
    I'm all for having bonuses with trade-off. I like when enhancements drastically change how we play rather than just adding a 5 % bonus at something.

    What is the logic of "pinball armor"? It would make sense that armor makes you slower/heavier, not easier to push around...
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
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    Foraven said:

    What is the logic of "pinball armor"? It would make sense that armor makes you slower/heavier, not easier to push around...

    I was thinking along the lines of some kind of reverse shock absorber for weapons that made blasts and collisions bounce to reduce the damage, but the effect would throw the ship further.

    I know it's a stretch, but it sounds like a fun mechanic. :smile:

    Another idea that popped into my head just a moment ago...what if we had an Enhancement that boosted the other two Enhancements in use? Essentially, it would double the bonus the other two gained, but it's repercussion could be along the lines of "all locations become high risk, or traders/service stations spawn half as frequently."
  • Mr. MagniloquentMr. Magniloquent Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the listing. I've been trying to collect them, but I never seem to have enough keys, and always choose the door that has an ordinary container. In my play-throughs, the derelict stations come in the early sectors, while keys stack up in the very end of the run. The disconnect is a little frustrating. I've only acquired 5 of these. I definitely need to get some of these though. Duration Mods + Stealth Kill + Hull Restore. Especially if used with Daredevil. Infinite Drift looks like fun, too.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Infinite Drift changed a bit in v0.7, which now reduces collision damage by 50% and makes your inertia propel you even greater.

    But yeah, there are some fun and powerful combinations ;-)
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