Feels like cheating

DeathpactDeathpact Member Posts: 29
I admit i sometimes quit a level when i screw up without dying. This way i can restart it. It is a kind of reload my save game which in a roguelike game feels like i am cheating. I suppose it is a technical issue that forces you to do make this possible. I know i could "not cheat" but it is kinda hard when you've spent a long time on a run to be that honnest with yourself. I think that is the kind of things a Roguelike needs to force on its players for their own good...


  • troopitroopi Member Posts: 83
    I like it that way. I sometimes redo the level just to see if I could make it better. I take it as part of the training. And anyway, further up the space road, it doesn't matter if you restart the level 100 times. You will reach areas that just can't be bested with the gear you have.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    I both love and hate this feature, as well.

    Unfortunately, to save the game state right where you leave off would be difficult compared to how it is currently done. If the player could save at any time they wanted to, every single asset and their positions would have to be saved in that state as well. That's a lot of data storage and retrieval, compared to the simplicity of "X Sector, X Area."

    Beyond that, there are easier ways to cheat in this game, including (but not limited to) trainers and file relocation.

    At a certain point in a single-player experience, you have to ask yourself: Will I enjoy this experience if I cheat?

    Furthermore, if the answer is yes, then what's the problem? You should enjoy what you're playing, after all! :smile:
  • troopitroopi Member Posts: 83
    I remember the good old days of arcades, when we kids gathered there to play a few coins. It always resumed to watch others play and find exploits in the game to get a better score. Cheating is in human's blood. But you shouldn't call it cheating. It's survival instinct. As soon as our brains identify a pattern or a flaw, we tend to adapt and overcome it. That's why we are smart. That's why we are Humans. If we go on a walk and we find a car in the way, do we stay there and whine until the car leaves, or do we circle around it and carry on?
    We are used to define a concept of "cheating" in games, but in the end, it's just another way to overcome it. But if you think it takes the fun out of the game, just don't do it.
    Of course, this becomes a serious issue in online games and multiplayer, because your cheat or exploit is NOT fun for other players. Here enters the concept of civility, fair play, and social behavior. You should not cheat and exploit when playing with others.
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