Version 0.4 Observations

In general, most everything feels like an improvement. As some have noted, the AI feels slightly improved. I noticed immediately that dogfights on normal mode required slightly more attention than before. I'm very happy with the changes to the Okkar arrivals. The areas are also far more detailed without being cluttered, and plundering the derelict stations is a worthy addition.

Gunship: Significantly improved by the Front Shield Generator. Is actually viable now. I have it nearly fully upgraded, and it can be entertaining. It fundamental weaknesses against the games core challenges (attrition & efficiency) still make it a lackluster choice. It is also heavily reliant on devices, which can be fun, but is only really possible once you've more ore less mastered the game. Furthermore, that this craft centered around low-range, (more) difficult to target weapons only exaggerates its weaknesses. I'm not sure there will ever be enough to compensate for this craft's lack of full shielding. I've tried alot of different tactics, even combining the Afterburner and Forward Shield Generator for some powerful ram attacks--but it still comes up short. The thing must be totally decked out and upgraded just to reach a level where I'd only have to be casual in the Interceptor or Scout.

Interceptor: No significant changes really. No comment. Does its job of being flexible and well rounded.

Scout: I sorely miss the devastator. It has encouraged me to get more use out of DareDevil though. I beat it on my second serious daredevil run. I had to actually utilize more than my primary weapon and flight skills, which I never really had to do before with the scout. It is still hands down, the best craft and a joy to play. On that successful dardevil run, I felt like a bad -BEEP-. In sector 4 I got caught by the Okkar arrival, first an MK2 corvette with interceptors/fighters, then an MK1 elite corvette with fighters, and then the Colonial Warship. I neutered the warship (sadly cannot yet destroy), and took out all of the Okkar. True daredevil. Was a great challenge.


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    PS: I think an interesting enemy would be some kind of missile frigate, or missile corvette. So, think about it.
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