Xbox Ship Cockpits may be blurred on spawning

Xbox 0.4 version

When you resume a game or start a new one, changing from the external or minimal HUD view to the normal cockpit view causes the instruments in the cockpit to resemble an 8 bit game ;-)

I have only seen it with Interceptor thus far

At some stage in the system it then fixes itself

I usually use the minimal HUD view, so it isn't a big issue for me, but just logging


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Interesting, so it stays like this for a while? Normally it should only look like this at the start while the texture is being loaded.
  • DarthFlatWhiteDarthFlatWhite Member Posts: 32
    Well put it this way:
    If I switch view to cockpit view and the issue happens, it doesn't seem to fix itself when in cockpit view

    If I switch away, it may fix itself a few minutes later, or it may not be fixed until the next system

    I saw the issue with the Gunship today

    I also don't recall seeing it on 0.2 Xbox version where I used cockpit view most of the time, whereas on 0.4 I use the HUD only view mostly

    I have never seen any other issues with textures loading on spawn

    Like you say it appears to be some sort of a resource loading error, perhaps a transient error due to some sort of simultaneous operation that needs to be retried or the like
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