Low Risk, Low reward ?

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I guess the title says it all ? Is it obviously linked that riskier areas have more to offer or more dangerous areas are they just more dangerous ?
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    Higher risk areas have more enemies present, and will have more enemies warp in while you're there. It seems Outlaw platforms and bases have a greater chance to appear in higher risk areas, as well.

    I gather a lot of resources from downed enemies, so lower risk areas mean I can only pick up from the natural resources and loot containers floating about...which isn't a bad thing in the right situations.

    For instance, if you've taken a bit of hull damage and have a malfunctioning component or two, going to a lower risk area ensures less conflict and the possibility to find the resources you need to survive; however, if you go to the higher risk areas and put yourself into further danger, you have a strong chance to get everything you need for repairs, if you survive the onslaught, of course.

    It all comes down to you, the pilot, and how you'll proceed. ;-)
  • DeathpactDeathpact Member Posts: 29
    I like to kick -BEEP- so my choice is already done !

    Thanks for your answer !
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