New stuff that would be really cool to have! (PLAYABLE TRADER SHIP!)

I've been thinking about stuff you guys could add in future updates and I think you should make the Trader ship unlockable and playable.
-It would be very slow.
-Boosting would be equal to normal propulsion on another ship. (Gunship maybe)
-It would be able to use turrets as primary weapons
-The Beam Turret would be craftable.
-It would not be able to use Energized Boost.
-It would have unlimited sensor range. (Since it's so slow.)
-It would not be able to use other primary weapons besides turrets.
-The only secondary weapons it would be able to use would be ARC-9000 and Plasma Torpedoes.
-It would have a class exclusive item: The Mining Drone. This would find resources within 1km and bring them back to your ship. (Because you wouldn't be able to fit in the asteroid.)
-It would have 5500 hitpoints.
-It would have 300 fuel max. (Might want to change this but I don't know. :/)
-Jump charge time would be increased 200% so it will take longer to jump out of the area.
-Damage doesn't affect jump charge.
-It would cost 65,000 credits to buy.
FOR ALL SHIPS: There should be a jump drive ship component so when it's damaged you can't jump out until it's repaired.


  • GoldAsteroidGoldAsteroid Member Posts: 68
    I had this idea yesterday when I wanted to blow up one.. I flew close by and thought well - id like to try play with that too. "Cast" guarding ships to defend you.. Missions to get here and there.. Dangerous missions in hazzardous area.. Maybe it will happen if future
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