Some recommendations that I think would make the game better

invenioinvenio Member Posts: 108
First off I would just say that I am really enjoying this game. I have about 50 hours in already. I was also really impressed with the new additions, keep up the great work!

I would like to make some suggestions that I think would improve the game:

* Capital ships jumping in after some time should not have jamming. I noticed this with the most recent upgrade and it takes away the fun of trying to escape. On normal and hard difficulties it's pretty much a death sentence which is annoying.

* The difficulty between easy and normal is too drastic. On easy I always beat the 7 sectors, on Normal I always die now (due to the jamming). No middle ground. If you want to make the game harder, make the enemy fighters stronger. The only way I ever die now is via capital ships. I think capital ships are cool and should be dangerous, but it should not be the only threat. Again, maybe make the fighters more powerful but back off on the capital ships a little.

* I wish the traders would be more apt to buy goods. I think it would be great if you could pretty much sell your collected goods at any trader any time. This would be especially great near the end of the game when you just want to get money. I don't want to finish the game with 250 of crystals. Let me sell it and more up the upgrade tree faster. I often find that after I hit sector 3, I pretty much have the weapons and shields I want. It makes looting crates and mining a useless activity. Let the player be rewarded for trying to stay in the sector as long as possible and risking attack for some kind of payoff.

* On the menu selection (pause and main game menu), if you press up, make the selector go down to the bottom instead of having to hit down 10 times (first on the pause menu, then on main menu) to quit the game. Or even better. Have the Quit game on the main pause menu. I do a lot of single sector games (just pop in for a quick 7 minute game thing) and it would be nice not have to scroll through so many menu selections.

* Allow more purchases of keys. I really want to explore those new derelict bases you guys put in with the last patch. However, I almost never have keys to open the locked doors. Be liberal with key drops or at least allow us to buy them from traders and supply stations. Finding hidden things is fun, don't make this an extremely rare event.

That's all I have for now. Please take these under consideration as I think they would be relatively easy to implement and would make the game much more fun.


  • rayriflepierayriflepie Member Posts: 6
    I totally agree except on the no jump suppressor thing. I liked the Corvettes having suppressors because it is a good challenge. Sometimes you can't always run away!
    Like you said, I think access keys should be more common, and I like the idea to sell all resources. That would be a nice edition to the game and encourage a new playing style.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Thank you for the feedback!

    As it currently stands, when Okkar Forces start warping in at the player, they are meant to give the player a sense of urgency. Due to the "Okkar Forces Inbound" warning timing, it's possible for a Jump Suppressor to appear before the player has time to react. This is being corrected in the next patch by creating more space between the warning and when ships begin to warp in.

    This way, it becomes the player's choice to stick around and possibly face a Jump Suppressor, or make haste to avoid it.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    I agree on most parts. Noted.
  • ChaosOverlordChaosOverlord Member Posts: 4
    hello again guys
    I honestly don't want to create a new "discussion", so i'm so free and abuse this one >:)
    I have an recommendation too:
    Maybe it could be usefull to create an option that we can look at and re-setup the Key-bindings.

    I honestly get a little bit furstratet in the first run because i got heavly damaged and don't find any clue how to open the crafting-menu... i had to search the www ...

    wish you all an good evening and nice weekend
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,218

    Maybe it could be usefull to create an option that we can look at and re-setup the Key-bindings.

    You can view and edit all keyboard and mouse controls in the options menu. I think it the customize menu us located at (not sure): options->controls->keyboard&mouse->customize. Unfortunately there is no gamepad customization, yet, but you can choose between two control schemes and toggle a few settings.
  • ChaosOverlordChaosOverlord Member Posts: 4
    Really :o
    i was looking in the first place and don't found them there... :(

    Take a look while i'm writing - yep... my fail... i thought i looked at all available options and seems i missed that one... :'(

    thanks for writing... in this case, my post is obsolete...
    sorry for wasting your time :(
  • invenioinvenio Member Posts: 108
    I really like the last update, specially those ancient artifact things (although I still haven't figured out exactly how to kill those -BEEP- of energy things effectively).

    I do have some recommendations:

    1) It would be nice to be able to see your goods more easily. I'm finishing the game with a bunch of loot and I feel like mining or picking things is almost a waste of time by the time you are finishing sector 3. Why even go through the waste of time of picking up more plasma when you already have a 150 and won't be able to sell them for money? It would be great if you could essentially sell any and all of your collected goods at every trader or trade station.

    2) When you want to warp out of a system and your warp engine is "warming up", if you go even slightly off center it immediately falls back to zero. It would be much better if it would decrease incrementally back to zero instead (maybe at twice the rate that it goes up).

    3) We need more access keys. I still find that I can't enter most key locked regions. Maybe they should be sold by all traders for something expensive, like $3,000.

    That's it for now. Keep up the good work Rockfish.
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