My observations thus far

AndersAnders Space Optimizr Posts: 7
Hey guys!

I'm about 5 hours in at the moment, just finished the first longer run and wanted to share my impressions up to this point.
I'm playing with Mouse and Keyboard, single-monitor set-up with 1920x1080 resolution. Did about 5 runs that didn't go very far, just finished a 13k loot run in sector 3 where I got shot and the ship started looping uncontrollably until I exited the safe zone and exploded (took about 5 minutes of painfully watching my first good run drift away :/ )
  • sometimes, warp-jumping from 2 parallel but unconnected systems is possible
  • any points of interest and targets need to be more visible on bright backdrops ("X fully mined", anything targetted by scanning probes, top-center screen ship and weapon status display, ...). They become almost impossible to spot in systems with huge bright stars
  • sometimes mined ore/gas/.. gets stuck in the asteroid
  • please default the mouse to the center of the screen after closing the menu or after warping. The violet swerving is not pretty
  • weapon swap with keyboard is impossible while boosting, mouse wheel works however
  • the energy consumption increase of weapon damage mods is showing flat increases in energy but the actual increase that is displayed on the weapon after upgrading seems to be only percentually increased. Which one is it supposed to be?
  • things like energy injectors should get some form of indicator that they were used (visual or acoustic)
  • rockets that exceed their range just vanish, intentional?
  • the limit on weapon mods should be displayed somewhere
  • mining asteroids sometimes have unpredictable and fast movement when shot for mining (jumps in opposite direction of shots and collides with ship)
  • excess ammo over the cap sometimes knocks back the ship when trying to collect it
  • sometimes the music jumps instead of smoothly fading into the next track/repeat
  • Pressing tab (open/close ingame menu should close upgrade menues as well instead of not doing anything)
  • and the bug I mentioned earlier: got shot from 2-3 pilots, something exploded, started flying in loops, interceptors couldn't even hit me, continued flying in loops until I exited the safe space and exploded
Pretty much everything else is spot on. The visuals, the sound (love the guitars in the background), the atmosphere. And also a pretty cool forum editor!


  • ROCKFISH_MalteROCKFISH_Malte Moderator Posts: 5
    Hi Anders,

    Thanks for the well put together list of feedback. Keep it coming. We did watch a lot of YT/Twitch streams on launch as well as current uploads and have already started prioritizing.

    Thanks for supporting us and testing Everspace
  • RezRez Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Rogue Posts: 12
    I think this is the spinning bug. - Video is unlisted, so please don't share link.
  • AndersAnders Space Optimizr Posts: 7
    Yes! That's exactly what happened
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