Scout ship rebalancing suggestion

jan_stehlikjan_stehlik Customer Posts: 2
Many of us love to use the Scout ship - it is fast as well as powerful. I have a suggestion regarding this ship as well as others: the differences between them should be much more pronounced.

This is based on the assumption that gamers enjoy the possibility to have very different experiences in the same game world. For example, the success of TF2 is driven by the class system, where each class type is totally different. CA recently admitted that the success of Total War: Warhammer is driven by the huge gameplay differences between races that were not present in earlier Total War titles. The success of FTL is likewise down to the possibility of adopting totally different tactics. I know the first two games are not related to Everspace but the point stands: many games succeed because they drive the differences between classes/races/ships to a maximum.

Based on this, I think the scout should be rebalanced in the following way:

+ Base cruise speed increased from 130m/s to 150m/s
+ Base boost speed increased from 3x to 4x
+ Base energy regeneration increased from 6/s to 9/s

– Number of secondary weapon slots locked at 1 (i.e. non-upgradeable)
– "Shield" device exclusive to Interceptor (i.e. Scout can only use Shield XS)
– ARC9000 exclusive to Interceptor and Gunship
– Base hull points decreased from 300 to 250

Note that this particular balance could only used for one of multiple loadouts on the Scout. We could have the classic Scout loadout and then this Scout ninja supreme loadout as an unlockable (similar to how loadouts work in FTL).

What do you think? :)


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Sounds like quite the dramatic difference to the Scout.

    Truthfully, I think there is a slight issue with pacing in the current version of the game. What I mean by this is that the Everspace experience is meant to be fast-paced and action-oriented, which is why a lot of individuals love using the Scout. It's constantly engaging and exploring as quickly as possible, where the Interceptor and [especially] Gunship feel sluggish, missing part of what makes Everspace fun.

    Truthfully, I think your suggestion is on the right track. One of the three Scout layouts could be made into a very mobility-oriented skill build that relies on evasion far more than defenses. But I also think the Interceptor and [again, especially] Gunship could use a serious boost to how they navigate.

    As such, I think the Interceptor could use a little base speed increase. Because the Gunship utilizes a lot of different equipment, I think it makes a ton of sense to move the Teleporter Device to the Gunship as an exclusive, giving players the option to make the Gunship far more agile at the expense of it's slow-regenerating energy. This also allows players customize their Gunship playstyle based on which Devices utilized during a run.

    TL;DR - I agree there could be a mobility-emphasized loadout for the Scout, but I think mobility needs to at least be an option to all ships across the board in a fast-paced action-oriented game.
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