TrackIR Work Around

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I have been playing around with a TrackIR work around. It is coming along pretty well. A couple of changes as to how the mouse works when using a controller would make it much better.

Make it so that when the Left Alt is pressed it goes into freelook but it would still get the pitch and roll from the gamepad controller. This would allow you to steer the ship as you are looking around.

I am sure this could be implemented fairly easy. You could make it an option available on the config screen. If you ever do decide to implement TrackIR I am pretty sure this would be necessary to get the full benefit.

For now I will play with my script to fine tune it.


  • OverDhillOverDhill Posts: 13Member
    edited February 2017
    The workaround for TrackIR is coming along pretty well. The only thing I wish is that the Yaw and Pitch would continue working from the gamepad when in Freelook mode. That would make it work the best. Maybe the developers will look into that.

    For now the TrackIR will control the Freelook mode and can be toggled on and off with a push of a joystick button. I have dual joysticks configured with x360ce.

    I have to say that the cockpit while in Freelook looks amazing and it is nice to be able to look around it as well as out the windows.
  • OverDhillOverDhill Posts: 13Member
    Everspace on my simpit (WIP).

  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
    Looks very nice , I have x56 hotas and a Tobii eyex 4c eye and head tracker. I'd love to use both with this game
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