Containers Immune To Explosions?

Is this supposed to be a thing? Because driving my gunship around and collecting containers has had this entertaining occurance happen way more than I'm comfortable with. A flak shell impacts the ground five inches from the container and it gives... no f%$ks. You have to direct hit it or it just sits there, which is honestly really annoying sometimes.

Is there a reason they just shrug off what would explode any unshielded drone easily (that being a Flak shot that didn't explode on top of it)? Or is it just because of the way they were coded? I'm honestly not sure whether or not this counts as a bug, or I might've just reported it that way.


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Bugs me too so I changed that a week ago. Problem was that I could open containers through walls then. So I used a prevention channel to only affect things by area damage that are not occluded. Problem with that was that most area damage did not count anymore because there was always some small geometry in the way.
    So it's still on the list of things to fix but I have to make another attempt if I find the time.
  • selonianthselonianth Member Posts: 8
    Cool. That's just... it's very weird when my flak hits and I *know* the explosion radius should mean it cracks the container and it just floats there happy as can be.
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