Why *don't* credits carry over?

I mean, as a gameplay reason it encourages good gameplay trying to get as many credits all at once as possible, as opposed to just mindless grinding where a couple grand is a decent haul if you *do* die. But in-game reason it doesn't seem to follow to me. You have random pilot guy, who has an entertainingly large variety of feminine sounding names considering you'll never hear a feminine voice coming from your character, who changes names every time one of his clones dies for unknown reasons but who keeps the credits from his recently deceased clone, but *only* the most recent one?


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    You said it yourself: as a gameplay reason! See, you know what you're talking about. ;-)

    Storing up credits is counter-intuitive to the design mechanic in the current iteration of Everspace. Lasting longer in a run gives the player more Credits to spend afterwards, thus incentivizing player progression in the form of learning and skill-building to progress further, in addition to picking up Perks of course.
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    ... That's a Doylist reason. I was asking about the Watsonian one.
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    With an emphasis of the game being arcade-style spaceship shooting against aliens, I'm not sure if a Watsonian response would facilitate a fruitful discussion...but hey, let's try.

    This is mostly theorizing here, because the story is being withheld until the release of the game sometime in Q2.

    The cloned pilots are funneling the credits they've acquired through some kind of intergalactic credit account that absorbs all assets (in the form of weapons, devices, consumables, credits and clone memory). Through this method, the faction who is using the clones is able to acquire tactical blueprints and facilitate funding for new endeavors, namely launching new clones with updated technologies, new ships and loadouts.

    While clones are uploaded with the same memories pulled from the previously updated death, the director of operations renames them in order to keep tabs on each individual progress, getting a grasp of their cost effectiveness for the overarching mission at hand. This way, they may seek to continue their endeavors or pull back based on the list of attempts.

    Conversely, the aforementioned intergalactic credit bank is assigned to one user: The director of operations. Authorizing a clone with the use of the account could compromise the clone's mission, and as such, they are sent into missions without any credits for the protection of the director's agenda. At termination, all assets seized by the clone are transferred to the director to allocate the assets accordingly.
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