Everspace needs more battles and less mining

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I'm not sure what the best way to accomplish this goal is. All I know is that I have to spend 15+ minutes in each system mining and only like 2 minutes fighting. The rush that brings me back to the game is found in those 2 minutes of fighting. Maybe if we had a more even split in time it would solve the problem. I start to get frustrated looking for gas so I can build a probe and then I get to a gas system and only get 2 from those auto-miners. It makes me think jeez why am I doing this.

Are there any serious discussions about this point?


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,102
    How far into the game have you progressed? Sectors 5 and 6, especially on Hard mode, tend to get pretty combat-heavy.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,180
    Hmm I've heard a few remarks about too much mining, but more reamarks about constantly being attacked and there not being enough exploration. I guess people experience it differently. Agreed that gas is a little rare, we'll probably up it a bit.
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    I've noticed that the 'experience' changes quite a bit too just from simply progressing and getting access to more blueprints. In my first half dozen runs, I used to have piles of crystal and nothing to do with it, since early series upgrades (and not many available when you first start) means you don't use it very fast. Gas tended to be the resource I'd run out of quickly, and Dark Energy+Matter I wasn't even sure what the point was, because I had nothing to use it on.

    Come my second dozen runs, I'm using up crystals like I'm drinking water, gas comes and goes depending on the luck of the run and I'm desperately clawing at every bit of dark matter+energy I can get my hands on, because they're so valuable to the Mk3 upgrades and for manufacturing weapons/devices to fill build gaps.

    So what feels "hard to find" or "overabundant" definitely changes as you progress, but there are a few things that seem to stand out..

    Scrap - Depending on the run, I can either have a reasonably supply, or I'm starved for it and hoping desperately for a spawn. Traders help fortunately, so this seems to be in a good place and just comes down to the luck of the draw.

    Ore & Plasma - I feel like I've always got heaps. There's craploads of it that spawns and even when using it up crafting dozens of missiles, I never seem to run out. I suspect the spawn rate on these is slightly too high currently, or the amount used in crafting is a bit low.

    Gel & Compound - I don't ever seem to run out, but also not many consumable blueprints seem to use much of either. If I was crafting Damage Boosters more often I would probably use Gel faster.

    With regards to using Gel & Compound, I feel like Plasma Torpedoes are possibly a little too cheap to craft considering their power against larger class target, so some of the surplus of compound and gel could probably go into being consumed by Plasma Torpedoes. Damage Limiters should probably use Compound as well, to mirror Damage Boosters using Gel. Both should be using Ore, Scrap and Gas in all three grades.

    Power Cells, Processors, Dark Matter and Dark Energy all seem to be in a good place for spawn rates however. They're rare enough that you don't want to overuse them but appear consistently enough that stockpiling them is still feasible, especially considering they both have fairly consistent spawns from certain sources.

    To round this post off, I'd like to say that given my own experiences and the feedback you seem to be receiving, while there might be some slight balancing to be done still with regards to spawn rates and crafting costs, for the most part, the whole system seems to me, to be quite well balanced as-is. Play style and player skill level are huge influences on how players see the rarity of resources, as observation bias is certainly going to mean that players may feel that a certain resource is too rare, when it's one that gets used quite quickly in the blueprints they're utilising for their particular play style. That is to say, you'll definitely notice it when you don't have enough of something, more than you'll notice having more than enough. :)
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