Order directly to get Goodies - Windows Store Version with Play Anywhere

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why I can't buy the Windows Store Version here on your site to get the goodies too?

I am very interested in the Play Anywhere feature, because of owning a PC and a XBOX too, so I prefer to buy the Windows Store Version at the moment. As far as I understand only that version support the anywhere feature?

I also use steam very at home very intensive and thats your best Price / Goodies version, so generally I would prefer that plattform... but having XBOX Support would be very cool!

Why there are no information about that special versinin in your FAQ, because as far as i know at the moment, there are some limitations with that version, like much less updates, whatever that means in detail...?

For me there are some questions about which version support which features, but there is very less information. :worried:
I am very confused which version I should buy. I really like to know which pros and cons I could aspect with any version BEFORE I buy it ;o)



  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator
    Hi Mag,

    games for Xbox and the Windows Store are sold exclusively through Microsoft, that's why. Also, there are quite a few technical challenges and specific requirements to release as well as to update a game for Xbox and the Windows Store which is why we are bit behind compared to Steam and GOG. Many issues have been resolved and we are working hard with our friends at [email protected] to close the gap ASAP and release upcoming updates simultaneously. However, we cannot guarantee that every future update will hit the Xbox and Windows Store at the same time when we patch the game on Steam but we will try, of course.

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