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I really like the game and want it to get better. I also want it to remain challenging even after i bought multiple perks. On think i notice after a while is once we have many blueprints and lots of stockpiled resources, the game become extremely easy (so long as we don't do stupid mistakes). The reason being, we can craft whatever we need on the fly, at the very moment we need it. Like, we need missiles? We make some. Need to use several consumables but only have one slot left? No problem, craft and use item right away so we can craft the next one and use it too. We have a slot left and need a gun, make one and use it now. Make things stupidly easy so long as we have crafting materials.

I think there is a feature lost there; crafting should take some game time. Don't need to be a lot, a few seconds would do but that would prevent us from going from zero gears to full equipped by pressing tab in the middle of a fight. That would force us to plan ahead and avoid the consumable burst use we can currently do that can completely negate a challenging fight.


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    I agree on multiple accounts, actually. The good news is that the community has been talking about this, and Rockfish Games know they need to tweak things to balance out the late-game of Everspace.

    I had a particular idea about a Blueprint NPC here, but I know there have been a lot of other healthy discussions surrounding how to balance the Perks.

    Something we know after I did a fairly critical examination of the Perks is that there will be RUNES coming to the game to mix up each playthrough instead of having "upgrade all the things to be permanently unstoppable."

    Having crafting take time is an interesting idea for sure. You are bringing up a great point: Having the ability to pause and instantly gain multiple buffs at once does seem a bit overpowering.

    Maybe another idea is to simply put a 5 second delay in between consumable use? So, after an Energy Injector is used, you have to wait 5 seconds until you can utilize your Shield Booster, or your Nano Injector. And after you choose one of those, you have to wait another 5 seconds to use another one.

    Either way, I think a little buffer zone might address this particular issue rather swiftly. Guess we'll see if the developers have a better idea in store for us. :D
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    Slight necro-post, but figured continuing a related discussion was more sensible than starting a new one. :)

    I saw suggested over on the Steam forums I think it was, someone put forward the idea that crafting should cost energy. That way, crafting mid-fight is a trade-off and not 100% without risk, and you're also limited on how much crafting you can do in one go.

    To supplement that, it would be nice to be able to craft at the destination star map between zones. We get a list of our current resources, fuel and credits, but we can't do anything with any of that information until we finish jumping into the next area. Being able to craft here would come with the advantage that you can craft without needing to worry about energy requirements.
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