The game should be saved after each jumps.

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Yesterday there was a black out while i was playing the game (a new run that was going well). Once the power got back i started the game again expecting to continue my run after my last jump... But nope, i was back to the hangar, all my progress was lost. Not fun.

So yeah, it would be nice if the game would save on it's own after each jumps, or we have the option of turning that feature on.


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    That's strange. I just tested a run myself, and when I jump to the next beacon, the game automatically saves. After pulling the plug to reproduce power going out, I returned to game with the last beacon I had jumped to.

    Were you in the middle of a jump when the power went out? And which version of the game are you running? I'm in version and this doesn't appear to be an issue.
  • ForavenForaven Posts: 116Member
    I do have the latest version. I think it happened while jumping, but i'm not sure.
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    Not too related to this, but thought I may as well report it as it is to do with save bugs.

    I did a good run, but died by a cruiser. I spent all my credits on perks then left the game. I did not start a new run. I often do this. However, yesterday I loaded the game up and clicked continue only to find my self on my last jump in the sector I had previously died. So naturally I continued anyway thinking the game did not save properly. Well as predicted I died again shortly after. At the perk screen I noticed I had indeed upgraded perks from last time by spending all my credits as the perks I upgraded where still upgraded. However, I still had all my money from the same run, so I just spent it on more perks lol....strange! game saved perks, but not te end of my last run when I died.
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    @Barry Are you playing the steam version? We're using two save games, one for the current run and one for the overall progress. We delete the current run save game when you die. I can imagine that in your case the steam cloud save recreated the run save game. We'll have to investigate this problem further.
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    *** EDIT: Just saw there is "Continue" Option ***

    +1 for being able to quit during the run and load progress, if not from the exact moment, then from the last completed jump or at least the sector.

    From what I read in the thread, there is a save, but it's not clear in the UI that exiting the game will save progress.

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