I'd like to buy the game but...

Hello everyone! I'd really like to buy this game but if I could choose I would prefer to use the money in my Steam wallet to do it. The thing is, I'd really like to support Rockfish Games before all but when I look at the different ways I can buy the game, it gets quite confusing. Let me explain the different options I see :
1. I can buy the game from this website @ $ 27.99 (I believe USD?) which comes to around CDN$ 37.45.
2. I can buy the game from Steam @ CDN$ 32.99 (better deal than directly from website?)
3. I can buy the game from Kickstarter (?) where it says you get the game with a contribution of €20 which is about CDN$ 29.61 (better deal than both previous choices?)

I'm on a rather tight budget lately and am not working atm so I'd like to choose the cheapest option for me and in the best scenario, both encourage Rockfish Games and use my Steam wallet money.

Thanks a lot for your time! :smile:

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  • LegionnistLegionnist Posts: 5Member
    Oh alright! I admit I didn't actually try to donate through Kickstarter or anything, I just saw it there and wondered.
    I like the goodies you're talking about and everything but I'm sure you'll understand I'd rather spend those virtual dollars that I have on Steam instead of reaching for my savings. :S

    Thanks a lot for the answer!
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