Too much of the same, we need new new natural hazards.

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Yup, black holes, electrical storms, sensor jamming, solar flares... They get old, especially when you can get them several times in a row.

Here a few ideas to make things more interesting:

- Burning solar rays

The area is so close to a massive star that being exposed to the local starlight cause damage. Shields are less affected than hull so when we can't be in the shade of something, better have some shields up. Less damaging than solar flares but continuous.

- Meteor showers

The area receive large amount of small meteors that pass through intermittently. Need to take cover or shoot the incoming asteroids if we can't avoid it.

-Unstable wormholes

A natural wormhole is nearby, opening and closing randomly occasionally spitting debris from the other side. Sometimes derelict ships can come through...


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    I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with the additional content to the game before release.

    Something stated in the Kickstarter that I hope reaches fruition: Organic lifeforms living within asteroids. It would be incredible to come across enormous space worms or space sharks providing natural hazards.

    I'd also like to see some type of major black hole (where the entire orbit is within the singularity), supernovae, destruction of planets (which result in showing the player with debris like the Millennium Falcon reaching the remains of Alderaan), ion fields that reduce movement and energy, nebulae that reduce vision significantly but greatly enhance the radar, distress beacons on derelict ships that will explode (so you only have a short amount of time to loot them)...

    I'd really like to see more TIMED hazards where the Colonial Warships aren't the only thing hot on your trail. And as mentioned as ideas above, I think escaping the proximity of a station before it self-destructs or the range of a supernova sound like great means of encouraging the player to progress, as well.
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    Hi all! First post here) Immensely enjoying the game as it is right now (though I haven't won yet - last time died at the gate to sector 7 - shot an ARC into a bunch of foes, which also hit a grey entity...). Just thought I'd share some ideas on possible natural hazards:

    - Glowing clumps of hot gas: this would be a very bright nebula, a region where gas started to condense, like in the early stages of protostar forming (the same plasma clouds could be used, just much brighter and much more common in the area), shields would get overloaded and stripped immediately when flying through them, followed by hull degradation; they could contain some nice loot too;
    - An unstable star, maybe a red giant in the final stages, or some other phenomena which sends random gravitational waves, which throws you off, like an explosion of a corvette - it would be very dangerous in dense asteroid fields;
    - Field of small debris, where boosting would quickly kill you - a slow sector :smile: but the teleporter would greatly help here;
    - Volcanic/unstable asteroids which shoot lava/stones randomly in all directions - could be mined for more materials, though explode if you're too greedy;
    - A space-time anomaly (a bit similar to OP's unstable wormhole) but with a different mechanic - and this would be a funny mess: everyone who approaches gets teleported randomly, reappearing in different health states; you might even catch yourself appear somewhere nearby - though he'd have the same loadout as you, so it would be a formidable foe (it's interesting what upgrades would AI construct given your resources) - and if you manage to kill your twin you double your loot!
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