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We've just released a new update which comes with a new player ship! Here is the complete list of changes:

New Features
  • Added new player ship: Colonial Scout
  • Added difficulty selection before each run (Easy/Normal/Hard)
  • Added a few codex entries
  • Added chance of finding enhanced weapons (weapons with random stat bonuses)
  • Added new enemy: Okkar Scan Drone
  • Added new consumable: Nano Injector
  • Added centered crosshair option for mouse controls (drag mouse to aim, could be useful for custom joystick controls)
  • Added equipment info tooltips to equipment stats screen (PC / Mac)
  • Added new "large" asteroid
  • Added new nebula textures
  • Added new structures
  • Added option to switch between Xbox and Playstation style button icons
  • Replaced Energized Boost with Weapon Overdrive as starting device for Colonial Interceptor
  • Introduced player ship class restrictions: Cloak is now only available for Colonial Scout, Weapon Overdrive is only available for Colonial Interceptor
  • Consumables floating in space can now be used directly
  • Added swappable equipment slots to compare screen for better overview
  • Game now pauses when using the selection wheel instead of just slowing it down
  • Jump gates are now activated automatically after some seconds when close
  • Automatically use surplus nano bots when nano bot limit is reached, health is not full and new nano bots are collected
  • Slightly increased ship component damage chance
  • Slightly increased sensor range for containers
  • Decreased max speed perk effect and added one more level
  • Increased Plasma Torpedo and Shield Breaker missile damage radius
  • Slightly reduced Heavy Missile damage radius
  • Slightly reduced Shock Rifle I & II charge damage multiplier
  • Added spread to Coil Guns
  • Increased energy allocation of Mk2 and Mk3 passive devices
  • Downgraded fire rate mods to put them on par with damage mods
  • Reduced Energized Boost energy consumption
  • Increased pickup pull range + pull range for all tractor beams
  • Increased amount of dark energy needed to craft ARC-9000
  • Increased Teleporter energy consumption and slightly reduced teleport distance
  • Slightly increased outlaw sniper aim and doubled uncloaked duration
  • Okkar Corvettes now travel through the location and are faster
  • Okkar Corvette Mk1 will now call reinforcements when low on health.
  • Okkar Corvette Mk2 now fires plasma cannons and uses an Energy Discharger when enemies are close. It also uses combat drones instead of shield charge drones
  • Freighters now come in different flavors: credits, fuel, equipment, resource and supply.
  • Grey Goo will now do hull damage to ships that are very close
  • Changed some consumable icons
  • Challenges now have different credit rewards that are displayed next to them
  • Tweaked lightning field VFX
  • Tweaked sector colors
  • Blueprints and "enhanced" pickups will now have a special particle effect
  • Show signal strenghts of all jump suppressors being present, not only closest
  • Temporarily disabled the trial on Windows Store to fix incorrect license check (causing app to close w/o message after 5 min) in an upcoming patch
  • Fixed slowmo not being correctly ended when switching weapons
  • Fixed bug with selecting an empty equipment slot with the gamepad
  • Fixed damage not showing in Plasma Mine stats
  • Fixed player wreck spawning outside of level bounds and if run was successfully finished
  • Fixed missing Coil Gun weapon meshes
  • Fixed some keymapping issues
  • Fixed high frequency tone in a certain ambience track
  • Fixed "Kill a drone by ramming it" challenge
  • Fixed bug where failed challenges were achieved when continuing the game
  • Fixed a bug where outlaw stations would not spawn enemies
  • Possible fix for GPU particle related crashes
  • Fixed occasionally wrong explosion impulse direction
  • Fixed freeze when pressing tab while using jump gate
  • Fixed hacking sound sometimes not stopping
  • Fixed notebooks using integrated GPU causing poor performance when running on battery (only relevant on Windows Store)

Edit: Added changes on Xbox One and on Windows Store


  • Ecak12Ecak12 Posts: 6Member
    Thanks for the bug fixes and new update! I'm excited to try out the new ship and all the tweaks and changes.
    There seems to be some balance around the clock and weapon overdrive, I will hold my opinion until I try the new ship out though. ;)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    edited October 2016
    So excited for this update, I streamed tonight (Oct 25) at 7:30 p.m. (CST). I love talking about the inner workings of games, and I think there are a lot of great focal points of conversation surrounding Everspace.
  • gustavo_sanchezgustavo_sanchez Posts: 14Member
    Is this available for Xbox?
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    edited October 2016

    Is this available for Xbox?

    The patch for Xbox should be out next week.
  • Ceph RaidenCeph Raiden Posts: 17Member
    Good to see and hear from you guys! Looking forward to more Everspace!
  • DooplissDoopliss Posts: 12Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    Oh man, the Interceptor not starting with Energized Boost is a big change. I don't envy the people trying to clear levels using only cruising/boosting speed, particularly if they don't have their energy/engines upgraded, but I can see how it would be necessary to give the combat stakes. I'm sort of looking forward to playing around with it and forcing myself not to build a mobility item ASAP.
  • fredsnfredsn Posts: 3Customer
    How can I get the update? Or is my client updating itself?
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    edited October 2016
    fredsn said:

    How can I get the update? Or is my client updating itself?

    The update is automatic via Steam. I had to close Steam and reopen it, but it did the trick nicely.

    If you purchased through GOG, Humble Store or Green Man Gaming, the update will be applied tomorrow.
  • fredsnfredsn Posts: 3Customer

    fredsn said:

    How can I get the update? Or is my client updating itself?

    The update is automatic via Steam. I had to close Steam and reopen it, but it did the trick nicely.

    If you purchased through GOG, Humble Store or Green Man Gaming, the update will be applied tomorrow.
    Thx, but I have it in GOG. :neutral:
  • guiniolguiniol Posts: 10Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    Thank you for the update! I'm really enjoying the hard mode (I would have thought easy mode would be better, but what do you know ^^). I'm still trying to unlock the new ship, so can't comment about it.
  • JairJair Posts: 31Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    We will support Portuguese?
  • DooplissDoopliss Posts: 12Kickstarter Backer, Space Cat
    So having toyed around with the new Interceptor, not having a mobility device isn't actually that bad - at least, not with a thoroughly-upgraded reactor. It might well be super-annoying if you don't have that much energy to work with. I still value them highly and it can still very much get you killed if you bite off more than you can chew, but it doesn't make the early game non-viable unless you like squabbling with the G&B.

    I do, however, have to relearn how to kill Frigates on hard mode - popping shield/damage reduction consumables is no longer cutting it. Maybe I need a frontal shield generator?
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    @Doopliss , until the AI gains some advanced tactics, I have to say the Forward Shield Generator and I have a profound relationship in this game. :smiley:
  • Mr BojanglesMr Bojangles Posts: 2Customer
    Hi all at Rockfish,
    First off, a quick "nice one" for creating Everspace. I haven't gamed on a PC for nearly 10 years as I shifted over to Playstation and never looked back...until now. With a new beefed up rig I thought I'd try something out and Everspace looked like my kind of thing. I missed the Alpha and Beta releases so have jumped on board in the last week and have been impressed.

    However, I haven't been able to play much as I just can't get to grips with the controls. I'm one of those "interted Y" players as it just feels natural to want to push forward to make the ship dive and pull back to make it climb (like a plane). Other games I have played (on Playstation and older PC titles when I had them) worked like this when invert was used.

    Before the recent update I was all over the place trying to move the crosshair and fly (or rather not fly) the ship. I tried inverting, not inverting, messing with sensitivity. It was hopeless. I'm using mouse and keyboard which feels good and has worked well in the past. When I heard about the update and the ability to lock the crosshairs in the middle I thought it would be fantastic...but it isn't. It seems that locking the crosshairs in place disables the invert Y option no matter what you set it to. If I don't lock it then sure enough, inverting works but I'm back where I started and I can't fly and aim properly. Lock it and no matter if invert is on or off, you aim and fly by moving the crosshairs as if moving a pointer on a screen so I still can't fly :(

    I understand is all down to personal choice and having read a few other threads in the forum I see that opinion is divided between inverting or not. For me though it seems that the invert option still isn't working properly and it's spoling an otherwise great game that I'd love to dive into.

    Can it be fixed or am I doomed to be space cannon fodder whilst I spin into another asteroid?
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Hi! This has been fixed yesterday and will be live with the next patch. Thanks for reporting!
  • Mr BojanglesMr Bojangles Posts: 2Customer
    Thank you. That's great news. Look forward to the next update :)
  • AntoonAntoon Posts: 14Common Beta Backer, Space Cat
    With the new difficulty settings this game is big fun for me, tnx guys!
  • littlesatanlittlesatan Posts: 4Member
    Hallo! Wann wird ca. das Xbox one Update live gehen und wird es in Zukunft eine deutsche Syncro geben?
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator
    Hallo @littlesatan, wir planen das Update zusammen mit der UWP Version auch für die Xbox zu veröffentlichen. Aufgrund der erforderlichen und gleichzeitigen Zertifizierung für Xbox und Win10 ist das nicht ganz so einfach wie bei Steam. Eine deutsche Synchronisation würden wir sehr gern machen, müssen aber abwarten, ob wir uns das auch leisten können. Sämtlich Texte werden in jedem Fall auf Deutsch zum Full Release übersetzt.
  • LuomoLuomo Posts: 11Member
    With the difficulty modes does changing them from eg: Normal to Easy affect any later achievements or such?
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Luomo said:

    With the difficulty modes does changing them from eg: Normal to Easy affect any later achievements or such?

    No. You can switch difficulties before each run.
  • littlesatanlittlesatan Posts: 4Member
    Verständlich :) Danke für die Antwort. Klasse Spiel habt ihr da hin gebastelt ;) Freu mich auf die Updates. Macht weiter so!
  • ATWinkleATWinkle Posts: 3Member

    Is this available for Xbox?

    The patch for Xbox should be out next week.
    Is the patch coming up soon?
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    ATWinkle said:

    Is the patch coming up soon?

    Your patience is appreciated; it will be really soon!
  • ATWinkleATWinkle Posts: 3Member
    Thanks. I just picked it up and despite it being really hard I enjoy it very much. I hope we will be able to map controllers in the future .
  • Dying GaspDying Gasp Posts: 13Member
    Hi, loving the game so far, any word on the Xbox patch yet?
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator
    @ATWinkle : glad you like it although it is hard - that's what roguelikes are ;) remapping controllers is high on our list but it is not as easy as it might seem.
    @Dying Gasp : it's a bit tricky to patch on Xbox as we have keep it consistent with the upcoming Win10 Store version supporting XPA. We will have more details coming soon!
  • ATWinkleATWinkle Posts: 3Member
    Thanks. I hope the Xbox Patch will arrive soon, I am looking forward to try the new ship and the easy mode, I really am not that good barely making it to sector 3.
  • Dying GaspDying Gasp Posts: 13Member
    Thanks Michael, looking forward to it.

  • bla0929bla0929 Posts: 4Member
    edited November 2016
    I hope there is a lot more coming to this game! Very promising future with this!
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