24 hour impression

ZenTigerZenTiger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 12
I must say this game is very addictive and its clever how it keeps you coming back for more. My main grip with the game so far is weapon unlocks. I see that you can sometimes find blueprints. I had been playing for hours now trying to collect all the components needed to make up the weapon of the blue print I had found. I was kind of under the impression that once you have all the bits and craft a new weapon, that it would now be a selectable item in your weapons forever. I was excited thinking now I will be a bit more of a formidable opponent trying to make my way through the four sectors but sadly you just keep the blueprint and have to collect all the components once more.
I guess this keeps you going back and trying over and over again but I feel I would find it more fun to finally go back into the game with my new found and crafted weapons already there.

What do others think? I know this is Alpha and a lot will change. I really hope they kind of reward you with weapons to keep as it gets really hard the further you get :smiley:
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