Crafting for dummies?

Hello guys,

I have repaired my ship a few times, but I really don't know how to craft items. Can somebody explain it to me in beginner's terms?

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    Hey @gustavo_sanchez ! I'll try to walk through the simple process of crafting ANY item in Everspace, using Scanning Probes as an example.

    To craft a Scanning Probe:
    1. Go to the equipment menu (by pressing Tab).
    2. Choose a Consumable slot under the Consumables header.
    3. In the upper right portion of the slot, there is a + sign. Select it.
    4. Select Build New.
    5. A new window will open with all available Blueprints. Select the Scanning Probe. The number to the right indicates how many can be crafted with the current resources.
    6. Information regarding the Scanning Probe (including resources required to craft and what the Scanning Probe will do) are all displayed when it is selected, and a button to the right of the name says CRAFT.
    7. Select CRAFT and you will gain 1 Scanning Probe.

    In order to craft new items and mods, you'll need to obtain Blueprints from the game. These can be obtained in any given loot container, enemy ship or cargo hold on a passing freighter. Be sure to pick them up to expand your crafting options!


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