XBox Controller bugging out.

D3njyD3njy Posts: 3Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
I'm loving the Alpha so far and, as a PC gamer, I like to use the XBox controller to play games like this.

The problem I am having is that I can select the controller and use it to navigate the menu but when I start a game it gives me only partial usage of the controller and I have to revert to mouse and keyboard.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Fly safe o7


  • yezayeza Posts: 68
    hm. i have also an xbox controller installed. it workd perfectly fine. maybe reinstalling it might help?
  • denizorseldenizorsel Posts: 8Member, Common Alpha Backer
    I try with both xbox 360 and xbox one controller and had no issues. I suggest you give it a go with a reinstall or hook your controller up to a different port may be?!
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