Suggestion - infinite pathlike mode

It could be new game where all stuff, stations, pirate bases and skirmishes between them overall looks like in one super long line. That means you almost always fly forward, you can engage anything or not..

The idea would be the depth of this game - fly infinitely(or not) snatch some fuel, see dangerous zone, boost in or use stealth. No teleporters, no minimap. Just one super long maybe 500km run.

The savegame could be neutral base where you interact and it saves it there, so you can continue later. Interceptors? They ONLY fly after you from the same place you start! So if you boost yourself very very much you can spend lots of time looting places.

One problem might be all the UI.. but that could be relatively disabled on all objects longer than 15km except interceptors. So you would see more and more interceptors coming at you.

At the end - you must* maybe defeat like 100 interceptors - good luck crafting arc and missiles.. :D

Id say this would be reall good!


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,102
    A long stretch with checkpoints doesn't sound too bad, but I'd worry about my computer overheating or all out exploding based on the number of assets loaded for a run like this. Otherwise, I'd enjoy more time being in the same area with more opportunities to explore.

    On that note, I'm a HUGE fan of the vast area Sector 7 provides, and I hope there could be some areas that are inherently larger than others in the full game.
  • GoldAsteroidGoldAsteroid Member Posts: 68
    Its not too bad if your PC overheats, just put in outside house. :)
  • BarryBarry Kickstarter Beta Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 36
    Ohhhh...this just makes me want to see sector 7, sadly I only just made it to sector 5 today and pretty much died straight away lol ...I'm getting there.....just push a bit harder....will make it!!!
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