Long range is a problem

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During my current run, I got a hold of a Coil Gun II, and just for fun gave it three Range MKIII mods. Holy. The range is about 4.3km, doing about 50-60 damage per second, hitting instantly. Even at stock range, the weapon is very effective, but this range is ludicrous. I was able to sit back and destroy 4 G&B fighters without ever taking a shot. While the energy consumption did balloon to 9.2 per second, it doesn't matter since I can stand still and thus make use of the energy regen boost. I can see it will be hard not to use the weapon to cheese every difficult situation, as at that distance, the enemies don't even start following you.

Three possible mechanics come to mind to balance this:

1. Set a hard limit on the range based on the initial range, say +50%
2. Prevent the use of Range Mods on weapons that hit instantly
3. Have the damage done gradually descend after you start shooting past the initial range of the gun, so that at 4km the gun would only be doing 50% or so of the usual damage.


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    I've going to have to try these Range mods before they're removed in new builds :relaxed: I've seen two topics on the first page now advocating for downgrading various weapons. I'm curious to see how the fun/challenge is affected using certain upgraded weapons as I'm fond of the Coil Gun.
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    I'm not sure I'd say Long Range is a Problem, but rather how the AI responds to being hit at such a range is.

    The ability for a player to modify their weaponry to achieve a specific goal in mind (in this case, being a sniper ship) is a powerful proponent to customization. With that in mind, I think this situation is more impressive than it is problematic.

    I like your presented solutions though, particularly number 3. Even on a general level, I think all weapons could have BOOSTED damage when within .5km, normal damage between .5-1km, reduced damage from 1-2km and diminished damage from 2km onward. This solution could make some undesirable weapons much more desired (I'm looking at you, Scatter Gun) and change the way a player thinks about utilizing the Weaponry equipped (like a long-ranged Beam Laser versus a close-ranged one).

    But I don't want to leave the first point I made left hanging: I think the AI should respond specifically to long-ranged fire in an evasive format instead of running straight toward the player, making it silly how easy it is to take down. Enemies with Teleport, Energized Boost or even Cloak could be great challenges to the player in this regard. Even Forward Shield Generators for the crazy AI running straight at the player would start to prove more difficult in this regard.

    All in all, I hope the long-ranged functionality stays in the game, but I do hope there are features in place that make it more difficult to achieve without removing the satisfaction of use.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,176
    I agree and I think the AI should respond smarter, hopefully we'll find the time to tweak the behavior soon. We could also try to not allow range mods on sniper weapons, but I don't think it would change that much. I prefer having the Ai fly maneuvers, use front shields, call reinforcements or boost towards you to get closer faster.
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    Something should be done about the AOE weapons as well (flak, missiles, energy dischargers) so front shields and walls/obstacles offer protection against them. Noticed a while ago flaks (especially the mk1) can destroy enemies through front shields, objects and structures, making it extremely easy to kill turrets when they have to line of sight with us. Energy dischargers have a much larger AOE range that can destroy things through structures, shields wall and floating debris, making it extremely OP.
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