Gameplay tips for the Alpha

Cain TetsuoCain Tetsuo Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 48
1. You are going to die, don't get attached to any one playthrough, you will only be stronger for the next one anyway.

2. Use the right weapon for the right job, shield stripper first then hull breaker. Don't be afraid to use missiles on tougher targets, you can't fire them when you are dead.

3. Prioritise your targets. Got an alien fighter with 3 drones escorting it? Pick off the drones first, they have low HP and it will reduce incoming damage giving you a better chance to survive.

4. Be evil. Those Terran freighters and bases currently have no function other than as loot pinyatas and they don't hold grudges from system to system. They often drop blueprints or other useful salvage so indulge your inner Outcast.

5. Keep moving in a dogfight, a stationary target is easy to hit and the NPCs are already pinpoint accurate as it is.

6. Manage your energy, don't boost right the way to a target, lay off before you get in range so you have some reserves to actually shoot with.

7. Upgrade as soon as you are able to, your basic weapons will do the job in the first stage but you want something with more punch later. I highly recommend the beam laser and shock rifle. Beams are equally effective against shields and hull but are short ranged. The shock rifle has huge range but only hits as hard as you charge it, it is very useful for picking off weaker targets before they get to you.

8. Don't forget to buy perks between playthroughs, the credits will not carry over so spend them all.

9. Be aware of your surroundings. If there is a nice mod at the centre of an electrical disturbance and a few fighters off in the distance then deal with the fighters first. They can close that gap very quickly and you don't want to get caught by them missing a sizeable chunk of your shield.

10. Repairs to components require materials along with nanobots so be sure to gather as many as you can. It appears you have unlimited storage space for materials so stock up.

11. If it's a choice between grabbing a blueprint and surviving then go for the blueprint. You will always get another ship but that blueprint might not show up again for a long while.

12. Have fun!


  • HypevosaHypevosa Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 24
    I would add don't bother trying to dodge to the list. The more you spend on boost (especially since there's an initial 5 consumption by just hitting the boost button) the less you can fire, it's better to just tank and kill targets as fast as you can while strafing.

    It kinda sucks but it's how it works right now :\
  • KnopyKnopy Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 27
    Another Tip to add: inside the biggest asteriods, the are Crystal and sometimes other stashes. Very useful for weapon and shild upgrades
  • HypevosaHypevosa Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 24
    Also, medium difficulty zones aren't bad, so far for me it has just meant that there's a "chance" of seeing a slightly higher level enemy, but they feel like low danger zones with more loot.

    Also, plot your intended path from the very beginning of your sector, there are times where you can take a path that will have many more nodes than the others, and the more nodes you can hit the more stuff you'll find generally.
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