How the fix the beached whale (The corvette).

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One thing i noticed early in the game is how the corvette doesn't pose much of a threat. It's sturdy and difficult to kill early on, but generally you don't have to fight it unless it's jamming your jump. It weapons are somewhat powerful but really easy to dodge and the corvette don't move around to make your life miserable. Once we get better at the game they become neat pinatas to break for loot or draw outlaws to (as it will murder any npcs attacking it).

Problems :

1 : Doesn't move. Big ships shouldn't be agile, but doesn't mean they should just crawl around. Make it accelerate well in straight line, just not turn quickly. Teleporting could also be a good way to make it move around.

2. Slow weapons. The bolts it shoots don't track us well, they are easy to dodge. At the rate they shoot they could spread it's fire so some of the bolts catch us as we dodge. Also, corvettes could have lasers, small autocannons, missiles (statis ones would be evil) to shoot us with. And last, it already use drones, why not make it pop a few combat ones as well...

With those changes the corvette would be something to dread while not being unbeatable (fusion blaster and torps would still melt it away). But at least it would not be something to ignore.


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    Hey @Foraven ! I'd recommend checking out some of the ideas built in this thread as well.
  • ForavenForaven Member Posts: 121
    Yeah i seen it, but thanks :).
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    @Foraven hey you keep posting new and interesting ideas! Good to see people's brain turning around the game ^^

    Also beached whale, good one!

    I think the main problem is that for the moment there is only two real threats in the game, the corvette and the frigate. And once you killed them a few times, you know how to handle them.
    There is two ways to fix that:
    -you can increase the number of "big" ships, each with their own abilities and behaviour
    -you can add random paterns to the existing ships so that each encounter is different (more aggressive, more defensive)

    Even better, you can do both! (more works for the devs ^^)

    One little idea to add immersion would be to give those big ships a name, or maybe a subtitle with the captain's name (if you use a scanning probe for example) chosen from a random pool of names.
    This would really give the impression that you are having a 1v1 fight against someone, just like when you fight Dafoe.
    BTW (shameless plug) @ROCKFISH_Andi and other devs, feel free to use my name as a captain's name! I can even do voices for him if you want!

    (At least I tried, you need know)
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