What if there was armor in the game?

ForavenForaven Member Posts: 121
One thing i think is missing in this game is enemies with armor, armor that require more thoughts to defeat than just throw everything we got at it. Weapons in the game right now mostly compare with each others with how effective they are against either shields or hull, how far they shoot and how fast they deliver damage. But if there was armor to deal with, that could also help making each weapon types being more unique from each others as they may not perform the same depending on if the target has armor or not...

Since i have been playing many other games and modded as well, here a few ideas... Can be both for player and NPCs.

Standard armor :

Block set amount of damage thus more effective against low damage per hits weapons but near useless against high damage ones. Weak weapons deal no or very little damage to it, and so long as armor remain the hull take no damage (some weapons could have armor piercing effects thus do some damage to the hull). Makes ships heavy and less agile. Costly to repair.

Powered armor :

Similar in effect to the standard armor, but how effective it is depend on how much power we can provide it (a good way to use the extra energy we have and some reason to manage our energy. If we run out of power the armor provide very little damage protection and get depleted very quickly. More effective by weight. Costly to repair.

Ablative armor :

The typical game armor, shield you from damage but get depleted each time it is hit, act like a shield that doesn't regenerate (but the easiest to fix with nanobots). Doesn't block any damage, it just soak them until it fail. Also heavy and combersome.

Reactive armor :

Extremely effective at negating damage, but each hits take a chunk of it (because it explode to negate the damage). Very effective against high damage weapons, but less effective against low damage high rate of fire weapons (like gatling or scatter gun) because it block a set amount of hits rather than hit points. Light weight armor that don't affect ship performances much. Somewhat cheap to repair but can't be fixed with nanobots.

Shields armor :

A shield based armor that regenerate really fast (low hit points but high regen and no shut down or delay). Very effective but can be over powered by high damage weapons or by sustaining damage faster than it can regenerate. Turn off if there is no power and don't provide any protection then. Light weight thus don't slow down ships much. Requires lots of exotic components to fix.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,102
    While I definitely love the thought and time you've put into these ideas, I wonder if a system like this may be a touch too complicated for the simplicity Everspace provides. Not to say it couldn't happen, though!

    These ideas would certainly expand the types of enemies we would face. And you didn't even mention biological armor/carapace for space creatures that could potentially be encountered.

    Loving your contributions on the forums, @Foraven . ;)
  • borkfborkf Member Posts: 12
    I think a simplified version of this idea already has the bones in place.

    The way the different enemies have stronger shields or hulls means you already have to switch up tactics depending on what your facing.

    I could see the addition of modules (like the existing daredevil module which swaps your shields for more firepower) swapping your shield out for a tougher, slowly self repairing hull. Or maybe having a tougher shield linked to your power reserves, so you can't go all-out firing incase you leave yourself vulnerable.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,102
    I would like to see new Shield types in the game. I love the Shield XC, but I'd love to see some kind of beastly bulwark that absorbs TONS of fire but takes a long time to regenerate. Maybe a feature of this Shield is that it is always regenerating, but at a very slow pace?

    Really like the idea of a Shield tied to the Energy. So when getting hit or firing, your Shield goes down. Also means that if you let your Energy recharge slowly that your Shields would come back up, right?
  • Jean MicroJean Micro Member Posts: 22
    very interesting ideas, maybe not always useful (i already feel limited by the amount of subsystem we can have) but a good direction to think into if the devs want to re-do the shield system.
  • ForavenForaven Member Posts: 121
    Glad you like the ideas :). I'm used to make mods for all kind of space games so i have tons of ideas and concepts to draw from. The armors ideas mostly comes from Star Ruler that had quite a few neat ideas and modders expended greatly on them. Had lots of fun coding for that game, sad the developpers mostly game up on it at some point.
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