Last minute upgrade

Zarek AelloZarek Aello Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 4

So last minute i bought the Beta pack thinking I'd get access to the game this weekend, however an hour or so later i saw it was with the Alpha pack so i quickly went to purchase the Alpha pack and saw the collector pack was only 1p euro's more anyway so i just said screw it and went with that. From my understanding I'm sure the forums are quite cluttered atm since today is the last day before you can get alpha access. So I'm not posting this going all "bleh!! -BEEP-, where r codes!" I understand it'll come when it comes. No I was just hoping to see some sort of confirmation of sorts as my fear is that the upgrade from beta to collector hasn't been acknowledged in the system and the "in due time" turns to never, lol. I did get a confirmation email within like .5 seconds of the purchase but no update was made on my badge on the forum making me paranoid. I did try logging off and on again.


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