my experiance after 89 mins of play time

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so far i do like it even though im pretty -BEEP- at the game lol but i figured regardless of that ill post a few things in cluding bugs:
1, mouse sensativity is real high and needs the ability to adjust it in game asap
2, more indication of attackers as i get hit a fair few times before i can react as i have no idea they are there
3,the font colour needs to be changed as some times its hard to see/read the txt thats on screen like the lables for crates and ore
4,i noticed a bug where if your fireing your weapons and you hit tab for the menu then go back to the game you carry on fireing even if your not pressing the button.
5, lack of a mini map now i would like one but im not sure if it would brake the game in some way
6, i find the targeting pip hard to see sometimes
7, when trying to escape a battle it feels pointless like its impossible
8, possible bug: Energy bar seems to never go full. Always has a little piece missing. Not sure if intentional for (flying and using engine etc), but with the horrible energy management as it is every drop counts

below is going to be a list that can be answered with its alpha and will be done in time but im going to list it anyways:

1, i love the graphics but a lot of the time the things you look at seem blury
2, textures on rocks seem low res
3, not all asteroids can be shot and the damage is visable
4, i havent noticed any temp/ammo feed back/indication for the gatling cannon
5, the throttle in my opinion should not require you to hold the "w" key to keep forward movment

below i will list some things i like being i pointed out a number of things that are negative in my opinion

1, graphics are awesome, really nice explosions and the lighting aint bad
2, im enjoying the rogue lite/like gameplay (i dislike that type of game play normally)
3, the music is pretty good.
4, i like the upgrade system
5, i enjoyed the arcade feel to the flight model as it makes a nice change (for me at lest)

thats all for now but i will ad more as i go along


  • humanevilhumanevil Posts: 98Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
  • humanevilhumanevil Posts: 98Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
  • humanevilhumanevil Posts: 98Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    -BEEP- forgot you only have a limited time to edit post :( anyways to add to my op it seems at lest for the moment that if you get more than 1v1 you can struggle to win and if u have no missiles its a 80% chance to loose so i think from my experiance at lest the ai needs to be nerfed a little being you cant dodge out the way and there shoots seem to all ways hit?? however maybe once the sensativity issue is sorted out that will help so the ai dosnt need to be nerfed ??
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    Thanks for the feedback, we're currently collecting and prioritizing bugs and suggestions
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