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Hi All,

I'm going to try to keep this constructive, I like where the game is going, but I think there are a lot of frustrating elements at the moment that would make a newcomer to something like this hate the game within seconds. I realize that might sound harsh, but I think this is why we are here providing feedback and making this game something that can be enjoyed by a large group of players and have it pull them in more and more as layers are pealed off.

Anyhow, skipping to the meat of it. I've played this game for about 30 minutes now. Loved a lot of things, but also hated a lot of things. The way my feedback has been broken down, I figured it would be best to go with the The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly method.. also a good movie for those who haven't seen it. So here we go:

The Good:
  • Visuals, color palette, overall feel of the world is very grasping, promotes exploration. Love the way the environments are rendered. It's a new perspective that gives it this hyper-realistic feel.
  • UI elements across the screen, HUD, and the stylistic form it follows. I like the minimalism, The cleaner the screen is the better for me. I game on 2560x1440p (XB271HU) so having that prime real estate be clean is a big plus for me.
  • Overall feel of the ships flying, thrusters, sense of speed are all well presented and executed. Explosions and screen shake are awesome. The lighting effects, particles, all of that is very delicious to look at.

The Bad:
  • There is no dodging any incoming fire, so it becomes a matter of can you destroy them before they destroy you. And due to the above being so difficult, it forces you to get even closer so you can try and land a few shots while receiving a hail of bullets.
  • Lack of UI guidance explaining why I cannot pick up said item that is floating in front of me
  • Tracking enemy targets in the HUD is difficult, icons are too small and with the way of aiming at the moment, you can do multiple 360 within a second so I lose track of where my targets are. Need to have some sort of a sphere-map system that at least shows you what's in the vicinity and where you are in perspective to specific landmarks/locations.
  • Jumping requires you to center your reticle on the spinning target. This is -BEEP- near impossible when you're being bombarded even by a single enemy vessel. Centering the reticle on that thing is already hard enough when I'm not being attacked. Some work needs to be done in the aiming department that could potentially fix this and keep it the way it is. Otherwise, dedicate a button or mode that the player activates when wanting to jump and have a cooldown or whatever.

The Ugly:
  • Controls and mouse aiming movement are beyond cumbersome for me. I don't find them intuitive, at all. There's no dampening or soft-reset from the point you aim to the point you leave the mouse not moving. My brain constantly wants for the aim point to center and rest. But it never does, and I keep on spinning around. That has made it very hard for me to play for more than 15 minutes.It needs more emphasis on range and finer aiming. Having a resting point/deadzone, whatever intuitive way you can come up with you solve this.
  • Game tells you to repair your ship, but you can't because you don't have Nano-bots. And there's no explanation as to where or how to obtain such items. At least in my playthrough, thats what I experienced. Perhaps add some explanation or give the player some to start with.

I have full respect to all of the devs and team working on this. I hope this creates a conversation about the features and not the emotion. My only intention despite it being criticism is to make this game better. So I hope that this post is viewed that way. I am a passionate PC Gamer, I've been in this world for quite a long time, as many of you have. There's a shortage of good games lately and so if I can somehow help make this a good game, that's enough of an incentive for me. They are my 2 cents, take them, leave them, do whatever you want with them :smile:

Btw bullets/listing is not working for me here on this forum (edit: when using preview mode).. whether I do li's with ul's or ol's.. text comes out unbulleted/unnumbered. (I'm a Front-end dev).


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