Some thoughts feedbacks and possibly spoilers.

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Alright, this is a tough one. Not quite sure where to start. I guess I'll say I was expecting... something diffrent? That in itself doesn't mean a lot though. Anyway lets start off by summarizing some stuff.


+ Aesthetics
+ Gorgoeous visuals.
+ Shiny bling bling, pew pew, boom boom weapons.
+ Visual Feedback from being hit is great
+ FPS solid somewhere above 50 most of the time
- Sometimes FPS drops REALLY low (10-15) for a short time after entering a new sector. (Doesn't seem to be because of loading in stuff though.
- Screen shake of weapons can give headache after longer sessions.
- Currently close to no options in the menu to change.
- Visual feedback for hitting targets in more chaotic fights is close to none. (However Audio feedback from landing hits is great)
- Only 1 Player ship ATM.
- Though nebulas with electrical storms look AMAZING, it is REALLY hard to tell wether you are in range or not to get hit by the surges.


+ Pew Pew, Boom Boom sounds great, feedback from landing hits and being hit is great.
+ Engine sounds good.
+ Nebulas sound terrifyingly realistic. (Or at least thats how I would imagine they sound
- Only 1 Player ship ATM.


+ Responsive
+ Using mouse and keyboard does not feel like you are playing a port.
- Only way to activate "advanced flight" is to have your inertia module destroyed
- Can't change primary while boosting (changes it and instantly switches it back if you use quick swap)
- Sensitivity WAY too high. Turn it down (for what, hehe ;) )

(Alright now here is the tough part)

+ Dogfighting can be really fun.
+ Since Controls are responsive flight seems really smooth, gives a nice arcady but still just enough realistic feel to it.
+ Fighting Battleships is amazing (Well, till you get slaughtered but hey it counts).
- Fighting Elites on the other hand isn't! (They seem to be just beefed up versions of their normal ship[bonus health and maybe damage]. I would love to see elites use diffrent weapons, activate consumables or devices, etc)
- Rather low enemie variety atm. Also only 3 Factions I am aware of till now (Managed to get to sector 4 multiple times.
- Energy pool has annoyingly low regen, can lead to very dragged out fights or situations where you just die because of it.
- AI not that amazing. (actually it's kinda horrible on some of the ships.)
- Balancing (it's alpha so this was to be expected [more below])
- HUD is less then optimal. Loot has same color as enemies, enemies ofscreen can be hard to track, no mini map / radar. Easy to lose track of enemies.
- Fights are often more of a do you have the damage (enough energy) to kill your oponent. Shots are way too fast to dodge, leading targets is very easy at all but max range for some weapons.
- Due to the limited ammo and high RoF, missile in their current form are a "oh -BEEP- I ran out of energy need some more damage button". (Partially because the energy system in its current form is lacking partially because (at least imho) they went for the FTL approach of limited missile ammo (I think having them be long cooldown unlimted use weapons would be more interesting and maybe even enable some missile focused builds.
- No Crafting preview, no inventory (you need to discard an item before you can look at a new one [ at least until you upgrade your ship])
- UI is lackluster!

Now some additional thoughts and then some bugs I have encountered.

When I first saw this game I was thinking Open-ish world (think rebel galaxy or something along the line). However the devs seem to have chosen the FTL approach (whitch is totally fine, FTL is a great game). However, curretnly the map feels very dull (only low medium high threats (FTL had distress signals, shops, quests, you name it).
Also there is currently little to no reasoning (lore wise) why you can not jump back (remember in FTL you could, you just had a limited time in a sector before the rebel fleet appeared).
Staying a long time in one Area does however seem to spawn "interceptors". Can't say I am a fan of these in their current form.
The fact that you can currently not interact with the terrans other then shoot them down ( and they ar rather easy to kill) is quite disappointing but something that will probably change once more features are added.
If we are at this topic lets mention factions in general are currently very lackluster. Close to no interactions, you do get skirmishes between the AI of diffrent factions but thats about it.
Areas often feel very empty (often 1-2 enemy wings maybe a factory and some meteorites)

Gameplay gets very stale very fast atm (really hard to say why) feeling burned out for today after something like 4-5 hours. Especially the beginning since you always start with the same weapons and the first sector is very easy atm.

Balancing: Currently some weapons feel really underwhelming compared to others. (Not gonna be going into devices or consumables that much since I would need to look more closely at that but utility is always useful and i never really found myself disliking any however the energy cost seems kidna harsh on some of them)

Primary Weapons: (these are the one I had the opportunity to use till now)

Gatling: Drrrrrrrrrrr...boom. Very Powerful. Decent shield damage,Great hull damage, great Dps, Ok range, Ok energy usage. Good projectile speed. This is a starter weapon and yet I have to find a better one to destroy hulls... Biggest downside is probably screen shaking causes headache.

Pulse Laser: pew pew laser. Best anti-shield weapon so far. Great shield damage, lackluster- mediocre hull damage, good energy usage, good range, No reason so far to trash this weapon. Feels balanced however.

Pulse Laser 2: red pew pew laser. Better damage at the cost of range, projectile speed, energy usage, with a slightly lower RoF. Not much to say other then it is a variation of the Pulse Laser.

Shock Rail: Your railgun. Great utility weapon once you unlock a third weapon slot but trash otherwise. Great burst (can oneshot most drones), Best range so far (4k), Hit scan, ok energy usage. Needs to be charged to gain damage, rapid fire really trash, dps is low.

Scatter Gun: Shotgun weapon. Charge for more damage. Decent burst. Decent DPS, low range, good energy usage, not much reason to use this over gatling unless you are running into energy problems.

Thermo Cannon: Homing projetile weapon. Looks Amazing, sounds FKING AMAZING. buuuut... -BEEP- damage, bad energy usage (really high), mediocre range (1.5k) Not worth using.... ever. (sure not aiming is nice, but the AI isnt a problem atm so its really easy to land shots and you can't even really curve shots around objects with this since they turn so fast).

Bugs: When equiping mutliple consumables (4+) some of them seem to bug out rather then displaying how many you have left it says some large numbers in red with a dot (almost like coordinates). When this happens you have infinit uses of said item.
Fatal Error (Crash to Desktop) when trying to upgrade pulse laser 2 with damage mod. After restarting the game it told me that they are not compatible (pulse laser 2 and weapon damage mod)

Game Drops A LOT of FPS randomly sometimes.

Will update once I get to play some more.

Anyways. There is a lot of negative in here but don't get me wrong. I like the base of the game, it just clearly isn't done yet. And yup thats exactly what alpha and beta is for.


  • LiberTeaLiberTea Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 24
    Wow, this post ended up huge.
    Anyway, If i were to rate the game in its current form (yes,yes i know it's an alpha) of if it ends up at 25$ i would say its a pass. At the 60$ (for alpha access) i would not recommend at all.
    Ofc since it's alpha and subject to change I expect this will improve a lot.

    Have a nice evening =)
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    I did the optimzr backer .. i forgot how much i paid but so far i have 12 hours into it.. i honestly say its more gameplay than most AAA titles that charge just as much
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    I noticed a pattern to those FPS drops. It happens to me 100% of the time when I get within "range" of a mineable asteroid. The FPS drops to basically zero for half a second and then returns to a solid 60fps. I assume this is some hitch with loading the high LOD version of the destructible asteroid (perhaps activating the physics which aren't active when outside some range of the asteroid).
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,308
    Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! We're compiling a list here and will decide what to do next.
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