Destructible asteroids wildly moving in space

Cain TetsuoCain Tetsuo Posts: 48Common Alpha Backer, Customer
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So I got the tractor beam that allows collectibles to be pulled in at extended range. On one asteroid though the ore either got stuck inside the rock or on the opposite side to where my ship was as it pulled the entire asteroid towards me colliding with my ship. It eventually sucked the ore in but you may want to make the ore non-collidable in that situation.


  • yezayeza Posts: 68
    i see these things happen when mining usually. the ore bumps the asteroid around, sometimes towards the player and thats sometimes your death.
  • HypevosaHypevosa Posts: 24Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    I had this, and one time the asteroid came at me fast and hard, and I ended up getting hit by it 5 different times as it pushed me for a solid 15 seconds or so
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