When attempting to craft a damage mod for the Gatling-gun, I receive an Unreal Engine 4 FatalError and have to restart the game. Tried 3 times with same outcome.


  • SimplexcraneSimplexcrane Posts: 7Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    I also received the same error when attempting to craft the damage amp for the gatling gun.
  • VovolovVovolov Posts: 16Customer
    I got the same error whilst the game tried to process an exploding Terran freighter.
  • JimJim Posts: 2Common Alpha Backer, Customer
    Got a fatal error when jumping to next area.

    I realise this probably doesn't help much, so... are crashes and errors logged anywhere?
  • jypsonjypson Posts: 52Customer
    UE4-FatalError while scanning a ship (CTD)

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