MAC support?

ES_3813ES_3813 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Booster Posts: 3
I thought Everspace was supporting OSX in this alpha, Steam says invalid platform when I try to download the game with your code. Please advise.



  • JoaoJoao Customer Posts: 7
    The Alpha is only available for Windows PC, only the Beta will be available to Mac
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    Mac support confirmed for the Beta! ;)
  • PuggPugg Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Booster Posts: 8
    edited July 2016
    I currently have the alpha running on my iMac with a Bootcamp partition running Win7. Runs great! When the beta comes out, I'll load the Mac version natively.
  • UatecUatec Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 1
    I didn't realise this when I bought the Alpha. (oops).

    I tried to run it in Parallels like I do a lot of other stuff, but although the menus, sound and HUD worked, the actual 3d graphics were completely absent, just black. Very odd. I guess i should raise a bug.
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    No need to anymore: We got Mac OSX Support in the Beta ;)
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