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  • EremiticWolfEremiticWolf Member Posts: 8
    Ordered the regular Alpha package yesterday but, then decided to upgrade it to the Collectors. Received the common alpha badge but not the Collector badge nor my key yet.
    Just hope I get it soon.
  • TeraphinaTeraphina Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 2
    half tempted to request a refund, never have i paid for a game that stated immediate access and had to wait this long to get said access.
  • GriefedGriefed Customer Posts: 14
    E-Mail recieved, thanks guys!
  • hanshotfirsthanshotfirst Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 1
    I received three emails within moments of purchasing alpha access.

    One thanked me for creating an account. A second informed me that my order was being processed. And a third confirmed that my order had been completed.

    But now, if I understand correctly, I may have to wait upwards of a week or longer before I am sent a download link or Steam code?

    With all due respect ROCKFISH Games, you're setting a bad precedent here. When I am given a receipt and have been told my transaction is complete, I expect a product in return. At the very least, you should inform the consumer about *any* additional delay or processing time.
  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgAdministrator Posts: 118
    edited May 2016
    @ -BEEP-

    I perfectly understand your point. But don't worry. Usually the emails for alpha access are sent out the same day when they are purchased. Unfortunately it is not an instant process yet because we're still in alpha.

    I forwarded your issue and if you haven't received your key already it will be sent to you shortly.
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    Anyone how still misses their key pls PM me. I am monitoring all Twitter and Facebook channels too.

    Once I get you order# I will look into the database and get back to you ASAP! On Gmail the email often ends up in the Promotion folder!

    Sorry for the inconcenience. We know the process is far from ideal.
  • russruss Customer Posts: 10
    Left hanging here, the process requires clarification, I had thought I would have Alpha Access , now I simply do not know, looks worth waiting for and happy to support but the process is simply no clear unless you read the forum.
  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgAdministrator Posts: 118
    You do have alpha access and your key should have been sent to you already. I'll look into it again and let you know your status asap.
  • GoGoDancingLobsterGoGoDancingLobster Customer Posts: 4
    I am in a similar predicament, I have paid for the Collectors and have yet to receive anything at all. (badges, key etc)
    I am looking forward to the game and don't mind waiting, I simply do not like knowing I have sent money somewhere, that has obtained me nothing as of yet.

  • EntracEntrac Customer Posts: 2
    Bought the game this morning and as of now i only received the forum pladge but no key. Not that i can't wait but...i hardly can wait ^^
  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgAdministrator Posts: 118
    I looked up your order status. The reason why you didn't receive an alpha key is because you purchased the collector edition after 1st May.

    Due to Steam policy we are not allowed to give away any more alpha keys after the said date.

    You do however have a beta license and alpha forum access and all other privileges that come with the collector edition.

    Your backer status will be corrected shortly to COLLECTOR BETA BACKER.

    Should you not be in agreement with the said terms we will refund your purchase.

    Thanks for supporting EVERSPACE and best regards
  • GoGoDancingLobsterGoGoDancingLobster Customer Posts: 4
    That's a really really big bummer,
    But thank you for informing me on the situation Uwe.
  • HaoHao Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 1
    edited May 2016
    Ordered April 19th, got distracted by school and forgot to check for keys... I've sent you a PM to admin, but nothing yet.
  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgAdministrator Posts: 118
    Hi Hao,
    Your data base entry looks corrct. I'll look into it and get back to you.
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