Is this game supposed to get significantly harder by launch?

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9 hours into the game and I just beat it, I loved every minute of it, but now that I am not going towards any goal I am not sure what else to do. I am not that good at video games because I have similar play time in spelunky and I can hardly get past the first stage in that game. I am just wondering if the developers plan on greatly increasing the difficulty (or perhaps the variety, either works) before the launch of the game.

Obviously it's beta so much will change, but I just wanted to make the suggestion that in my opinion the game should be significantly harder. The first 3 stages all feel like the exact same difficulty (very easy), stage 4 feels kinda hard, and stage 5 it finally starts to get a little challenging. In my opinion the first stage should be quite easy, but after that it should start quickly getting harder with every stage. It feels rather boring at the moment because the first 3 stages are so easy that they don't feel like a threat in any way, and they essentially just feel like a waste of time as a grind for fuel and resources to make it to stage 4. By stage 2 I think I should feel at least a little threatened. (obviously it should still be pretty easy, but at the moment it feels impossible to die here unless I tried to).

Alternatively you guys could add difficulty options as well, (easy, normal, hard, or something). But I personally would rather have a progression through the game instead of picking an artificial difficulty option.

Either way I still really love the game, I just hope to have a little more challenge in the future. Keep up the great work if you are reading this devs <3.

Update: Also after I wrote this I came to the realization that most other players on this forum aren't in the same boat as me (I see many saying they are stuck on sector 2-3 with many hours in the game). So I wanted to mention exactly <i class="Italic">why this game is too easy for me, and what strategies I use to make it that way.

Some of the utilities in this game are straight up broken. Stealth is the biggest offender here. If you are in a fight you can let your shield get completely drained and then immediately activate stealth, your shield will recharge while stealthed and you can still continue shooting the enemy. You can also use it to completely bypass terran and enemy bases and completely negate the difficulty that's supposed to be associated with them. For instance it's supposed to be risky to raid terran bases, but all you have to do is go up to them and shoot/steal everything while completely ignoring all the turrets and enemies, then as soon as you have gotten everything you want activate stealth and get out of there without taking any damage. The same strategy can be done with energized boost as well if you haven't found a stealth utility yet (just boost away and avoid all damage).

Dodging is also broken in this game, and probably needs a rework. Currently if you follow the circular pattern of "shift, d, ctrl, a, repeat" and just fly around in a circle while fighting you can completely avoid almost all enemy fire without having to waste any boost. In my opinion energy should be separated into 2 meters, one for boosting and one for shooting, then it should be much harder to dodge without using boost. Currently you can avoid most enemy fire and you don't even need to waste any resources to do it, so it results in dogfights being very simple and easy even with many enemies.

Terrans are far too abuse-able. Like I said earlier it's incredibly easy to raid their bases, and the same goes for their freighters. If you see a terran freighter you should kill it almost every single time. Fly up to it and start shooting all the compartments while flying around it in a circle, ignore the fighters around it. As soon as it's dead scoop up everything it dropped and then use one of your utilities to either fly away or stealth out of there. The amount of loot you obtain from them is absolutely insane, and it's very little risk to get it.

It's also too easy to avoid challenge. Almost every sector allows you to jump out almost immediately, so I just make sure I always have a healthy supply of fuel (easy to do if you abuse the terrans) and if I see a sector with too many hazards/enemies I just completely ignore it and go to the next one. The hardest parts of the game for me are the sectors that have "warp drive disabled" because it actually requires me to stay there and fight some stuff if it's challenging,

I'll probably make a video showcasing the strategies and stuff I am talking about, but I am going on a vacation for a few days very soon and don't have the time right now. But basically a lot of this games mechanics can be quite easily abused to avoid damage and gain a lot of resources.

And like I said, I'm not complaining, obviously the game is early in development. I just thought I should bring these issues up because I think it's a great game and want to see it get better.
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