New shield not charging until dropped / picked back up

MithiousMithious Posts: 5Member
An enemy ship dropped a Shield XC MK2, I pressed F, pressed F again to swap with my base shield, and then salvaged my old shield. The new shield appears to be equipped but my ship is unshielded, and the ship stats says my shield hit points are 0.

Dropping the shield back into space then picking it up again fixed the issue.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,058Moderator
    Thanks for reporting, I think we have received a few similar reports in the last few months, but we were never able to reproduce the problem. Seems to be quite rare. If anyone can find a way to reproduce this 100% please let me know.
  • MithiousMithious Posts: 5Member
    It's happened to me both times I've tried to replace my shield so far, so either it cannot be that rare, or it's something specific that I'm doing that's weird. I'll try again the next time a shield drops and let you know if it happens again.
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