[Suggestion] Softcore Mode

Hello fellow players and devs (whom I hope will read this).

I recently bought the early access version of the game and so far I am enjoying it a LOT. Though I sometimes feel that the progress is kinda slow, and I need to farm a low / do a lot of runs before I can improve my perks to a level at which I notice a significant improvement in my ship.

I was thinking about a 'softcore mode' which I imagine like this: You're doing a run and gather some recources and a blueprint for a weapon. When you die you keep your blueprint, but before the start of a new run they are not of any use (as far as I have discovered) in the current state of the game. My suggestion is that the softcore mode lets you keep the recources after you die, and you can then use those recources to research the blueprints you have gathered. Once you have researched the blueprint of for example a weapon(which would cost significant amounts of recourses and credits), you can install this weapon on your ship before every run. This was you don't start from scratch every run (other than your upgraded perks) and your ship will improve more and more as you gather more blueprints, recources and credits and use them to research new equipment for your loadout. Maybe you'll even find improvements of already found blueprints in further sectors to improve the reseached equipment.

I have zero experiences with development and development costs, so I have no idea if my suggestion is in any way viable. But I for one would love to play a softcore mode like this, and I think with mem many others.

Let me know what you think!


  • AjGaxAjGax Member Posts: 1
    Hi , Gax here ....i must say i agree with the softcore mode .....they should at least let us keep recourses so we could trade it in for other tech or credits to upgrade our ships ....it just feels very repetitive doing everything over the whole time ... so far im enjoying the game alot.

    With more suggestions id say , we could find color crystals to chage the colour of our fusion blasts fire , flak cannon etc.....also a more roam free universe , traveling to differnt planets , shoot astrodes and blow them up etc..its fun blowing things up too ....thier alot of potential for EVERSPACE ...it caught my eye , i hope they give feed back on this...would really do a great deal.

    May the force be with you ...
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    For all those who missed it, from this thread:

    We'll most likely add different difficulty levels soon.

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