Okkar Fighter Mk3: How do you deal with them?

NenacuNenacu Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 69
RIght now, for me, these guys are the worst things in space. The damage output they have is insane once you're in their crosshairs. I dare say even more powerful than the Frigates or the current end of the game stuff throws at you. Are they currently just a bit overpowered? Or do I just not know how to deal with them correctly. I would like to assume it's the latter there.


  • Tsunami5697Tsunami5697 Member Posts: 2
    The best thing you can do is get blueprints to a weapon you like. The Beam Laser II and the Coil Gun pretty much wreck every ship you shoot at. The best way to deal with them is hold fire on them and strafe, occasionally escaping to get the edge again with beam lasers or missiles. Also be sure you don t just upgrade your weapons, the shield and other components are upgrade-able in the equipment menu.
  • NenacuNenacu Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 69
    I get that. My strategy has been to cloak in on them and catch them unaware from behind. Mind, by the time they show up I tend to have Devastator and Coil Gun mk2 with shield and hull damage mk3 and energy efficiency mk3. I've got all the blueprints currently available under my belt. However, when they jump in at a time where I can't be aware of them immediately, they tear right through me.
  • Stasis missiles work really well against them.
  • Iron_ClawIron_Claw Member Posts: 18
    Get in close and dogfight. While the projectiles do follow you to a certain extent, if you keep moving, strafe and roll, as well as boost occasionally, they don't hit as often. As for hitting the Okkar in general, I use the Flak Cannon I with a Subroutine Devastator. Great damage combined with bullets that do damage even if they miss the target.
  • LifecompleterLifecompleter Common Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 12
    You have to keep in mind that just like all other Okkar fighters, they have great shields and shield damaging weapons, jut -BEEP- all of armor. If you can aquire a Beam II, (which can carry you through the game without damage upgrades) you should be able to take care of them no problem. But all you really need is the base Pulse cannon or shield breaker missiles and something with half decent hull damage. Corrosion missles also work really well, 1 will take off like 90% of their HP.
  • FlightwavesFlightwaves Member Posts: 12
    Shock rifle range is 4km, just get a fair distance, shoot their shield off from 3km then heavy missile, they're dead
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