[Suggestion] Take boost off thumbstick

DooplissDoopliss Kickstarter Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 12
This is causing me more inconvenience than I'd like to admit. Everspace requires you to do quite a lot of boosting given the sluggish cruising speed, and consistently pressing your thumb into the stick hard enough to activate it requires a sort of death grip on the controller - particularly if you're pulling the trigger on the same side for forward propulsion. I'm 24 years old and in all-around decent shape, but by the end of a successful run I'm consistently feeling the pain. Likewise, needing to put pressure on your strafing stick kind of hurts your maneuverability. I can imagine that putting it on the Y button would make it even harder to maneuver, but swapping it with left bumper Armored Core-style seems like it would be quite a bit more efficient. Reversing comes up with some frequency, but definitely not as much frequency as boosting, and you're more likely to be boosting for long periods of time without much chance to unclench your hand.


  • harrisca75harrisca75 Member Posts: 2
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    Agree. Would love the boost to be off of the thumbstick. It's the only problem I am having with maneuverability right now.
  • crazyoneeyecrazyoneeye Member Posts: 4
    True. I play it on my Xbox one and have the elite controller however the game will not let me map the thumbstick to any other button.
  • SkunkitoSkunkito Member Posts: 9
    I'd really love the ROLL click to be activated by the alternate stick. ie: you click down the left stick to roll with the right, I find rolling in Battle really helps to avoid damage but when you try with the same stick it often craps out after a while
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    Crazyoneeye if you have the xbox elite controller then you're fine- Do you use the back paddles? Once you get used to them you'll never look back. You can customize them in the xbox accessories app.

    I have the game set up so that boost is bottom right paddle, secondary weapon is top right paddle, cycle through main weapons is top left and reverse is bottom left. This set up means I can do almost all of combat without ever taking my thumbs off the thumbsticks, and I never need to click in. The only time I use face buttons are A and X for salvaging objects (outside of combat) or Y if I want to change views. I never touch the shoulder buttons.

    And even if you don't want to use the back paddles (and believe me, it took some brain re-wiring to get used to using my middle and ring fingers while playing) in the xbox accessories app you can remap any button on the controller to anything else and save that setting for use in certain games. So if you wanted you could map left thumbstick click to left shoulder button.

    As for non-elite controllers, I agree with Doopliss that having boost be the shoulder button and click be reverse, though counter-intuitive (seeing as in a lot of games click is used for sprinting), is probably for the best considering how common boosting is in the game. I can only imagine the pain it causes.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
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    This suggestion has been mentioned a few times on the forums (most notably this thread).

    More importantly, controls are customizable so this issue can be avoided completely. @Awoogamuffin has a nice custom setup from the looks of it!
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