Enemy radio talks

There is sometimes enemy or even RB pilots talking to each other or to you but with unknown language. It is suppose to be immersive but whenever I hear it, I just simply want to be it in english so I can understand what the f.. those dudes talking about - let me shoot you harder for those talks..

You can always make it game lore friendly - just put "translator that each ship has" so we can listen to them. And since its in english.. traders could talk to you sometimes as well! And since its in english.. more options can be implemented! :)


  • SkunkitoSkunkito Member Posts: 9
    Yeah I would like the G&B Pilots to be a little bit more grateful when I save their asses from Outlaws. It would be nice if when that happens they would also look out for me for the duration of that level, it would balance out the fact that the lose their sh*t when I bump a G&B tech container :)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Have to keep in mind, though. G&B aren't a bunch of nice guys. They're tough scoundrels with mining operations throughout these sectors, and they don't like to be trifled with. Thankfully, they keep to themselves for the most part and won't bother us just passing through.

    Heck, they're not overly concerned of the Okkar advancement, either.

    I'm surprised they don't lose their cool when I start hovering near their fuel supplies, honestly. But I'm glad the game isn't overly realistic in this regard; I love how Everspace provides a great neutral force to interact with if we so choose. Adds a bit of depth and flexibility to every run, whether we're speedrunning or collecting all the things.
  • FistOfPubertyFistOfPuberty Common Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 7
    Having listened to these radio talks, I've actually noticed that outlaws, at least, do speak English. It's just difficult to understand. I've heard outlaw scout mk.2's say something that sounds vaguely like "Missile ready" while firing a missile, or when one retreats to make another pass at you, I've heard them say "Coming about." The okkar, on the other hand, do not speak any measure of intelligible language.
  • RattiputzRattiputz Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 26
    There should totally an equipable item to understand what their saying (maybe give usefull information too...) ;)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    edited October 2016
    Rattiputz said:

    There should totally an equipable item to understand what their saying (maybe give usefull information too...) ;)

    Some type of translator device? That's actually a cool little idea! Not sure I'd let something like that take up a whole Device slot, but it would be a fun one-time buy (would have to be purchased once every run) at a Trader or something.
  • NavyAICSNavyAICS Member Posts: 7
    Please... not another device I have to rob, kill, or steal for. I've got enough problems trying to craft now. Just make them speak a language that we can understand or keep it as is. If all they're saying is, "firing missile" in an alien language, well, guess what? I'm going to know when I see it flying off the rails at me! :'(
  • SteamBrainsSteamBrains Space Cat Posts: 72
    I've heard "I'm going to flank him" and "I'm going back" haven't played today though so it's not fresh in my mind, I'll post some more I can decipher later. And yeah translator sounds awesome! Don't know what type of info they could give, but it's definitely an idea I'm for. Of course that means recording more voice overs so I don't know the technicalities of that.
  • JiseiJisei Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2017
    I think it's good that Okkar speak the language we don't understand - after all they're alien to us, duh :smile:
    Sometimes I hear them say "[something]..pizza!" when they sound really pissed))
    What I'm missing is the small overlay animation window in the HUD of the attacker addressing me - that adds greatly to the immersion.
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