[BUG] I have Sound, and Sound Effects but no Voice

SCRMSCRM Posts: 4Member

as stated in the titel while the game runs perfectly and i have sound and sound effects there is no voice.
I have reinstalled multiple times an turned voice on and off. But there are still only subtitles.
Maybe this is connected with the dact that i am from germany and "german" is not supported in voice-over.
I would like to have the english voice anyways but it could be connected.

Anyone with the same problem? Any solutions?

Thanks in Advance <3

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  • SCRMSCRM Posts: 4Member
    Update: If i launch without steam i get the voice, so its some weird Speech interaction because im in germany.

    I searched the Registry but couldnt find a way to change it. If someone, especially Rockfish, has a steam solution please answer.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    This has nothing to do with the country or language settings. Works fine here in Hamburg. Did you check your Voice volume settings in the game options?
  • SCRMSCRM Posts: 4Member
    Yes i turned it on, off, and tried every seeting between 10%-100% but nothing.
    There were similar issues for some people in The WItcher 2&3 i found.

    Still haven't found a solution besides starting without steam. As soon as i start through steam there is Music, Effects but only subtitles and no Voice.
  • ImortusImortus Posts: 4Collector Beta Backer
    I'm using a Logitech G930 headset as my primary and there are music and sound effects BUT no voice :(
    If I switch to the onboard Realtek soundcard and use the monitor speaker, THEN there is voice :) BUT defiantly not optimal, the sound is so much better in the headset.
    And the launch without steam doesn't work here.

    PS. I actually didn't know there was voice before I just saw a streamer broadcasting Everspace, and I was just like erm what!? I dont have a AI (or what ever it is ;) ) talking to me, just writing some text that I cant read in the middle of a fight!
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