Some Thoughts

Well, I found this game last night and I couldnt resist, so I bought it at GoG.

This game makes really a lot of fun.
My System:
i5 2500k
R9 290 OC
~ 90 FPS in HFD
It runs also very smooth.

Some Thoughts:
- really really really good controlls!
- runs stable as -BEEP-
- looks pretty, but i guess, there is space for better textures and higher AA, maybe more contrast on asteroids (sometimes a little to light)
- Upgrade-system is good
- Start is a little bit tricky, but after 5 or 10 runs its easier ;)

- UI elements for enemies could be bigger
- maybe its possible to mark weapons in the inventory based on their kind of damage (blue = shield, red = space ship)
(- or its possible to implement some other kinds of damage, maybe in a simlular way like borderlands)
- different symbols for resources or chests in front or behind an object could help to find the right way easier

- stronger Enemies... its not that nice to fly thousend of rounds in the space, just to hit 3 billions times... maybe its possible to deal with this with different shields or types of damage (like i wrote about borderlands)

All in all, the game is in a state of EA really good and makes a lot of fun.
Hopefully my thoughts can help the developers to imprive the game ;-)

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