Meeeeeeeoooosic. Music.

Ever play Doom? The 2016 version. I haven't been playing PC games quite long enough to appreciate the original.

Buuuuut, Doom 2016 was the first game that really made me sit there and go "wow. This music. This makes the game."

I just got into Everspace and have logged a stupid number of hours over the past two days, and needless to say, I've been enjoying the -BEEP- out of it. I also have participated in god knows how many Betas and Alphas and am fairly aware that shouting about something at such a stage is just silly.

Buuuuuuuuuuut - my first taste of Everspace was this trailer, and I have to say, I got the feeling watching that of "Wow. That music. That's going to make the game." Well. I got into the game, found the gameplay fun, but you already know what I found in terms of the music - not that.

Please, please, consider that style of music to accompany the game's numerous dogfights. If you don't agree with me, grab a bottle of Laphroaig Cairdeas or a Lagavulin 16, finish half of it, watch the trailer, and then play the game. You'll feel like you're missing out.

Other than that, super game, super glad to be playing it, but per favore, por favor, s'il vous plaît, bring that music into the game.


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    Trailers are marketing tools to activate the hype train, and the trailer does this well.

    I think Everspace has some brilliantly fitting music in the current version. The ambience pairs nicely with the environments, filling the player with wonder and awe. These mysterious tracks make the exploration in the game one of curiosity: will you find sweet loot, or a troubling circumstance around the corner? And when trouble is found, the tension begins both in-game and though the audio.

    It does seem that the "tension tracks" seem a bit short. I have found, on multiple occasions, that the track will actually change to a different tension track before the dogfight is concluded (which is the only issue I find in the overall sound design of the game). But otherwise, I've loved every one I've heard.

    I have to give major kudos to Gero Goerlich (Audio Director & Composer) for the immersive-binding pleasures to my ears.

    TL;DR - Everspace isn't just a dogfight simulator with intensity every second. The exploration of this game, paired with the finely crafted soundtrack, create an experience of wonder.
  • ticklemyiguanaticklemyiguana Member Posts: 3
    Yes. Trailer. Marketing. No. Everspace. Not dogfight simulator with intensity every second.

    Alright, you like the music. That's an opinion. I don't intend disrespect to you or the composer or the developers, and it seems likely the developer's opinions on the atmosphere of the game is different than mine, but when I listen to most of the music, it just seems a little... hokey. It never does anything to bring me into the game, it doesn't pair well with the "exploration" (which, there isn't much of, it's just not a focus factor of the game), and to be fair, the music in the trailer isn't remotely close. It obviously doesn't have to be, but I'm posing the question via my personal opinion, "should it be?"

    I think it would be better in terms of its fidelity to the gameplay and the sentiment of "this is a fun game to play." That's the stated intention of the developers: before anything else, make a fun game. I think it would be more fun to be boosting through space, blasting away with some really fairly nice sounding weapons, and enjoying the spectacle of the remains of old space battles with some music that's... fitting. I'm not saying the music in game reminds me of elevator music, but it definitely doesn't flow with any of the fighting.

    I feel a little bad, because there's obviously someone who worked very hard to make the music, and clearly considered the question of "what music would bring this game to life?", and on its own, it's not of low quality, it's just, I don't think it really answers that question.
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    Everspace is definitely an arcade spaceship shooter, no doubts there. But every section that is randomly generated has subtle nuances and variations that the player must excavate if they want to succeed in a run. Exploration is key to Everspace; it is a pretty big factor in the game in both gameplay and progression. If it wasn't, each area would be reduced to a combat zone where you defeat all enemies before moving on to the next (and that type of gameplay can get dull real quick-like).

    And with that comes music that needs to be themed according to the major factors the game presents. Because there is exploration of the unknown (implying mystery, intrigue and even stealth), the music needs to follow suit. There are some solid battle tracks in Everspace, maybe not all to your liking, but the atmospheric soundtracks truly do a great job supporting the themes of the game.

    Could they have more striking, dynamic and epic battle tracks for combat? Well sure, I think they could. But then I ask the same question... should it be?

    Or we just have different opinions because I want to be immersed in the whole experience of the game instead of have my ears blasted out my over-the-top hype music during battles. :tongue:

    ALL THAT SAID, the music slider in the menu can always be turned off, letting the player implement their own tracks to the game. @Shiuzan has done this countless times during his streams, for instance.
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