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I have a couple of Logitech G933 gaming headset headphones. In this connection I may report a bug but a nuisance that feedback at every game. Very often the sound is distorted by annoying beeps and sometimes with visual disturbances. As when I have these acoustic disturbances the game's graphics will flash white. Tested with more games, no feedback no problem. I hope I was clear enough, and I apologize for my bad English. I hope you solve this problem. Thank you in advance.


  • SniperSniper Member Posts: 7
    I could have politely answered? Thank you!
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 573
    I don't think that this has anything to do with your headphones. The graphics should not flash white. Can your post your computer specs?
  • SniperSniper Member Posts: 7
    It is indeed very strange. Anyway I read similar situations in the steam discussions. The specifications of my computer are: Intel Core CPU i7-5930k @ 3:50 GHz,
    memory 32 GB OS Windows 10 with 64bit x64-based processor, graphics card amd r9 390, directx 12. If you need more information ask.
  • danowatdanowat Member Posts: 11
    There are some sound issues on the XBO too, lots of loud popping and cracking, it appears to relate to enemies spawning in.
  • Ceph RaidenCeph Raiden Member Posts: 17
    I've experienced danowats issues as well, audio issues.

    Best way to describe the sound I've been hearing, like the boosting engine sound isn't synced precisely, like after boost cuts off you'll hear it pop again after for just a millisecond.
  • SniperSniper Member Posts: 7
    The sound I hear is like the distortion sound of an old radio. As a distorted frequency. The noise it makes is exactly that: prrrrrrrr. I do not know if I explained. It happens especially when I use the boost and when I use the weapons. So I often with loud noises.
  • LuomoLuomo Member Posts: 11
    edited October 2016
    I've experienced clipping/cutting out of weapon sounds (I believe it's the weapons, could be wrong). It sounds like an audio glitch when it occurs, as if the audio file hasn't finished playing before it's stopped by the game and produces a brief clipped distorted sound when it does. Pretty frequent during battle encounters on v0.14.29051 (GOG in development version, latest patch).
  • borkfborkf Member Posts: 12
    I get this also on Xbox One. I'll sometimes get a white flash and some dropped frames when an enemy explodes. Clips sounds are mostly from the boat, but I've gotten them from the weapons as well.
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